13 Signs Of Early Pregnancy

The symptoms of early pregnancy suggest you may be pregnant. Some signs that may show this are also observed at the end of the menstrual cycle, so to identify possible changes, you need to pay more attention to your body and feelings. Once hormones are released, minor...

Birth Control Pills Benefits and What To Consider

BIRTH CONTROL PILLS BENEFITS Birth control pills are one of the most common and proven methods of contraception that is suitable for any healthy woman of any age (unless breastfeeding, as hormonal contraception can reduce the amount of breast milk), whether you have...

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Birth Control Pills – Also For Beauty

BIRTH CONTROL PILLS It is common for a woman to think about contraception in order to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but we can use it just as effectively to improve appearance and health.If you have oily skin, hair and even depression Nowadays, more and more new...

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Emergency Contraception and When To Use It

EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION Emergency contraception is an option to prevent an unwanted pregnancy if you have had unprotected sex. There are two types of emergency contraception available: the copper IUD or copper intrauterine device (IUI) and the emergency contraceptive...

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12 Myths and The Truth About Hormones

12 myths and the truth about hormones Fear, ignorance and outdated information often force women to abandon the optimal and safe method of contraception - birth control pills. Hormonal contraception has always been a topic that has raised many questions and answers,...

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