5 Amazing Tips for a Healthy Back

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5 useful tips for healthy back

Keep a Healthy Back

To be honest, how many hours a day do you spend sitting or at work reading a book or watching TV? And how many hours we spend each day on physical activity?

A sedentary lifestyle can cause a variety of health problems. Usually, the first sign is back pain, and a hump may form that does not fit anyone. The longest spine is the tightest from prolonged sitting. It is also detrimental to any other static position if the body is in the wrong position for a long time.

Unfortunately, we usually realize mistakes only when we have already experienced severe back pain or headaches. Want to know how to properly hold your spine and prevent back pain? By following these 5 tips, you can improve your back health.

posture at work

The Most Important Thing is the Right Posture. Remember, It At Work!

Caring for your back begins with proper body posture. It must always be symmetrical. Do not cross your legs, do not bend to the side, straighten your back and do not sit with your shoulders raised.

When working with the computer, make sure that the monitor is positioned correctly. Its upper edge should be at eye level. Hand posture is also important. Use a mouse pad to avoid straining your back and wrist.

Do not use folding keyboard legs. These are the two most important rules to avoid bending your wrist. Fold down the keyboard legs!

If possible, change your working position while sitting or standing from time to time. When talking on the phone, it is recommended to stand on your feet.

Try to sit on an inflatable ball instead of a chair at least an hour a day. This will not relax your back muscles, as you will have to keep your balance constantly, thus strengthening your back and corset muscles.

A small exercise ball can also be a good helper – put it between the shoulder blades and the back of the chair. The ball should not be too hard and squeezing, but it should also not be too soft.

It will be easier to keep your back in the right position without paying extra attention. If you often bend closer to the computer screen, place the ball between your abdomen and the edge of the table so you do not sit too close to the screen.

Take every opportunity to move

Take Every Opportunity to Move

Give your body what it needs. Your body will be grateful to you for that. Don’t talk to someone in another room. Get up and go to him. When taking a tram, get off one stop faster and walk further.

If possible, always climb stairs instead of taking the elevator. And while sitting, try to move from time to time. Frequent changes of posture can reduce back tension and muscle cramps.

At work, praise diligence, but remember that it is equally important to find time to meet natural needs, to stretch, to make a cup of coffee or to water houseplants. More often, try to dine outside the office to relax and move.

Exercise anywhere

Exercise Anywhere

If you need to spend a lot of time sitting, it is desirable to get up and walk every half hour. Circle the wrists to the outside (start the exercise by holding your hands to the sides and lifting them against the ceiling) and then connect your hands and lean your back against the back of the chair, i.e., in the opposite direction in which it works.

Breathe! And see if you don’t bother your colleague sitting in the back. Breathe deeply!

If your back hurts, sit on the big exercise ball and circle your upper body. This exercise frees the pelvis and lower back. Exercise first to one side and then to the other.

Then get up from the ball, cross your arms behind your back and breathe a little, as if approaching your palms. Hold this position for a moment, continuing to breathe, and then stretch.

Have you tried lying on a big exercise ball? Try it! This is the best way to relax and stretch your back muscles.

Stretching will pay special attention to the neck which may be constricted. Remember when you notice that you are looking at the monitor at a distance of only 20 cm.

Stay your head on one side and then on the other, or stretch down a little at an angle to each side. Perform these exercises slowly and smoothly. Relax! Cross your fingers behind your head and press your head against your palms.

A healthy spirit in a healthy body

A Healthy Spirit In a Healthy Body

Have you ever heard someone say,

“He has so much to carry on his shoulders!”

Back health also affects emotional well-being. Mental strain can also cause back pain.

Negative emotions, stress and tension can adversely affect back health. Breathing and muscle tone are most affected by stress, which together with back deformity can lead to chronic diseases.

Watch your breathing from time to time. It must be calm and even. In stressful situations, they breathe unevenly or hold their breath, blocking the blood supply to the muscles, including the back muscles. The chief thing is to keep calm and perceive everything easier.

mobile apps

Modern Helpers – Mobile Applications

If you sink into work and forget to change your posture, various mobile apps can help you. They will warn you if you have been sitting for too long, and count the steps taken and suggest how best to stretch. Have you ever set an alarm to remind you to go for a snack?

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