Apathy is a pathological condition that manifests itself in complete indifference to oneself and one’s surroundings. The mood is neither uplifted nor depressed.

Usually there is stillness or even complete stiffness. With apathy, a person does not feel his condition as unpleasant, therefore he does not complain about anything.

Most often, apathy is caused by severe organic CNS diseases or deep schizophrenia defects, sometimes also functional disorders of the nervous system. Nerve stimulants are also used to treat the disease that causes apathy.

Laziness, Lack of Will, Or Is There Something Else That Prevents Me From Acting?

The answer seems to be on the surface. I don’t want to, so I won’t. But how can you not want to move, work with yourself, exercise your body, achieve success?

How can you linger in bed for days, rarely catching fire with a brilliant idea? In fact, it is real. And many of us have faced a lazy lifestyle. The reasons for this are different.


Passivity can be the result of difficult experiences.

  • Divorce;
  • Death of a loved one;
  • Dismissal;
  • Or everything at once.

Man breaks under the influence of conditions and becomes a vegetable. You may lose your meaning in life, sink into sadness and grief, and not want to see the future.

Apathy can go away in a couple of weeks or months. It can turn into a habit. Then the consciousness falls asleep for many years, dreams disappear, and we forget everything.

But we can change any habit! And if you have a firm commitment to overcoming inaction, it is enough to know exactly what it takes and gently pull yourself back into the waves of life.

Lack of broad vision as a reason for passivity

“When you don’t know what you live for, you live for nothing, day in and day out, rejoice that night is coming and you will sleep in the tedious question of why you live this day and why you will live tomorrow.”

-I.A. Goncharov “Oblomov”

Another reason for total laziness is the misunderstanding of one’s path. Inability to plan the goal of one’s entire life. If I don’t know why I live, why should I do anything at all?

There are people who simply do not have to earn money, start a family, raise children and go to the cinema or church on Sundays. Their soul wants more. But when they do not understand exactly what they need for happiness, they can stop living an active life.

At first, occupy the sofa, in search of a brilliant idea, immerse yourself in dreams every day, imagining yourself in a variety of ways – an actor, a business executive, a genius coach, a bestselling author…

Maybe he is also trying something. But most often they get away from this type of entertainment, without getting a powerful impulse.

Here comes the real apathy. People are overwhelmed by the feeling that you cannot give anything to this world. We do not find the mission of life, there is no desire to return to the “squirrel wheel”. I’ll sleep a little more here.

meaning of life

The First Law To Overcome Passivity: Find Meaning

Whatever the reason for laziness and apathy, there is always a way out. And the first thing that will help you find it – is to understand the meaning of your life. Why am I? What mission was I born for?

Yes, this is a troublesome question that will not be answered immediately. But is everything really so foggy?

You can think of a “temporary” goal that would make you want to do something. Or find a universal, perhaps even a little banal inclination that inspires movement forward.

What do you think of the idea: “Become your best version?” Just imagine what you could be ideally. But it’s a whole exciting journey of a lifetime!

Working with your body, self-growth, training, self-testing in areas that have long tempted you… And no limits, you can do whatever you want. In such a movement, there will be a larger, more global, individual goal.

Think about children, about a loved one, parents, friends. These people can become strong motivators. In the first time – the main motivators. And when you regain strength and get on your feet, they will become a support in your life mission.

Find your willpower

How Else To Get Rid Of Passivity? Restore Your Willpower.

In fact, it is not so difficult to learn to manage your feelings, desires and attention. Know yourself well and understand exactly how the willpower disappears, what causes the collapse and how to learn to control yourself.

Celia McGonagall’s book “Willpower” can be a great helper here. (It can be read here in Russian)

The author has spent several years of her life researching willpower, has led continuing education courses and, thanks to the experience of many students, has understood how the temptation mechanism works.

As you read the book, you understand that lack of self-control is not immorality, but a natural human condition that can be learned to manage. And also get a lot of valuable advice on how to make friends with willpower.

And Some More Tips To Help Overcome Passivity

Apathy is already ready to raise its hands and exclaim: “Give up!!” However, if you stop it will take effect again and attack. Let us not leave it with such opportunities – there are some more weapons in the arsenal.

Focus On The Positive

Passive people love to blame themselves. They are constantly thinking about their laziness, about the unfinished business and about their number…. “What is happening to me? What’s wrong? Why am I such a fool? Such a lazy man? ”

Everything is fine with you, and you are not a fool. You can see that by turning on positive thinking. Remember and write your victories – any size.

Remember your talents that work well for you. And even on lazy days you will find the good works you have done, the discoveries you have made. Praise yourself, pat yourself on the head for being aware of it, for wanting to change. That is already a 50% victory!

Identification Of Tools

We have already tried to find out the purpose. Now think about what you need to achieve it. Start with things that are at this stage.

For example – going to the gym – it is still too expensive, but now there are video reels on the Internet, which can be used when exercising at home – for 20, 30, 40 minutes a day.

Instead of dumbbells, you can use water bottles (this is what we do in our workouts), but instead of a mat – an ordinary towel.

Here again, the focus is on the positive. Think about what you already have to get started. And do not sink into thinking that you have no money, no inventory or suitable clothing. Follow the first steps and everything else will come with them.

Find Like-Minded People, Supporters and Helpers

Together it is easier. Even if there are people around who can’t help directly, they can support you with words, embrace you, and truly believe that you will succeed.

Be with those people who see a powerful personality in you. They will raise your self-confidence and without irony will give you a hand if something does not go your way.

Even better if you find a helper. Coaches, teachers, coaches who will give you the knowledge and control that the activities are done correctly.

You can find a like-minded person who, like you, follows this path and no longer wants to be passive. You can become supportive of each other, give each other tasks, report on their execution.

Never hate your passivity. Each has its own unique case. Maybe you’re a doll waiting for her magic makeover?

And this period of inactivity was necessary to gather strength to rest enough before the beginning of one’s actual life, full of life, energy and happiness.

Listen to yourself and get out of your cocoon the moment your heart puts it and views this period of terrible laziness as a unique and great experience.

Nothing happens accidentally, and untimely everything has its time. And everything has its place. And if you feel its time to spread your wings, then do it and reach the peaks that are important to you and that your heart feels.

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