How to Help a Baby With Constipation or Diarrhea?

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how to help baby with constipation or diahhrea

Baby With Constipation

If the child’s bowel movements are rare, but the baby feels good and does not have any unpleasant feelings long before pooping, it is normal.

However, even very young children suffer from constipation, when bowel movements are less frequent than usual, feces are hard and round, pooping causes pain and discomfort to the child. Constipation is often caused by inappropriate food eaten by a mother or baby.

In what cases can a baby develop constipation

The amount of fluid in the abdomen can also be affected. If the child’s health has not deteriorated with constipation, we may offer the baby more fluid, more often we should place the baby next to the breast.

We can offer a baby who has already started eating a supplementary meal products that are richer in fiber, plums, berries.

When we introduce products with a thicker consistency in a child’s diet, we definitely need to offer more fluid. We should not reduce breast milk or milk formula before the baby has learned to drink.

Most often, children between the ages of seven and nine months, who have eaten food but cannot drink, experience constipation and various viruses caused by fluid deficiency.

If a child develops constipation, the abdomen should not be heated or massaged. It is best to allow the baby to move or lie on his stomach.

Especially for babies who are prone to constipation, movements before bedtime would even be very desirable.

Pediatricians advise parents not to be afraid of enemas – if your doctor has recommended it, it will definitely be the best solution to help get rid of congestion in the intestines.

Constipation can sometimes be a sign of more serious illnesses. Hirschsprung’s disease, or an abnormality in the colon’s development, is rare.

When a small part of the intestine does not function, there are no wavy movements, and they trap the stool at this stage.

Surgery can address this. Untimely constipation and inappropriate food can also contribute to the formation of an intestinal nodule, as evidenced by malaise.

Wet Wipes or Water?

When abdominal discharge resumes after a delay, it should be noted that this will occur in several tries.

Parents should be patient and after the first portion the child should not rush to wash the ass, but should allow the baby to calmly wait for the next time – to relax the ass muscles, tighten the abdominal press.

wet wipes or water

Parents’ nervousness can also upset the child and prolong this process, »explains the pediatrician. We then recommend it to wash the baby’s bottom under running water and then dry gently instead of wiping.

Of course, sometimes the only option is to use wet wipes.

However, no matter how good they are, if we sweep with rough, rubbing movements, they will injure the top layer of the skin and create a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria and inflammation. ” Before putting the baby in diapers again, the skin should dry thoroughly.

To avoid inflammation, diapers should not be placed immediately after applying the cream. This is especially important when the child has diarrhea and the skin on the buttocks is very irritated.

How To Recognize Diarrhea?

Sometimes parents confuse diarrhea. If the stool is a little more fluid, but the child is feeling well, there is no need to worry.

It is important to give more fluid or more often to put the baby on the breast more often.

However, if a child poops significantly more often, the stools are liquid or foamy, accompanied by a smell and feeling unwell – the child is stuttering, the abdomen is bloating – these are sure signs of diarrhea, viruses or bacteria can cause that.

If diarrhea persists for more than a day, definitely consult a doctor. As soon as there is a more frequent bowel movement, the child should be offered extra fluid and keep track of how often the little urine.

If peeing becomes less frequent and the color of the urine is darker, it shows dehydration. You should react immediately if the child vomits or loses appetite, says the pediatrician.

During diarrhea, the child loses not only fluids but also mineral salts, so the doctor will prescribe special healing fluids during the recovery process.

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