20 Dishes That Are Best Avoided Before a Workout

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Before a Workout

There are some foods that can adversely affect your body and your workout.


Almonds are high in fat, which on the one hand is beneficial, but this factor together with the hard, fibrous exterior makes these nuts difficult to digest, and during training you may have abdominal pain. Therefore, keep almonds as a snack after exercise, when you need healthy fats and protein.


Alcohol is a diuretic – it causes dehydration in the body, which will definitely not help you in training. In addition, it suppresses fat oxidation, which is the process by which your body converts stored fat into energy. So, even if you exercise hard, you will achieve a worse fat burning result.


Apples are rich in acids and fiber, which is a problematic compound for the digestive system – the pectin in the fruit promotes slow digestion and bloating.


Avocados are not only rich in fat and fiber, but can also promote gases that are unlikely to improve your workout. In addition, the body will consume a lot of energy for the digestive system and stomach to cope with the ingested avocado, and this can make you feel very sluggish.


Although they are rich in protein, it is not recommended to eat beans before a workout, as they promote bloating.


They are protein-free and oily – this combination is not suitable when planning to move and focus on activities.


They are not high in carbohydrates, but high in protein. However, too much protein before training is also not recommended. It is necessary, but not too much, otherwise you will feel a lack of energy and strength.


Coffee drinks not only dehydrate the body, but the sugar and milk in them can also promote abdominal cramps when exercising.

Flax Seeds

The high amount of fiber in these seeds can contribute to complications of the digestive system, which can significantly disrupt your workout. Therefore, it is recommended to eat flax seeds no later than at least two hours before training.

Dishes Fried in Oil

Foods cooked in oil can leave a great feeling of heaviness and fatigue, which will make you want to fall asleep rather than focus on training.


It is made mainly from Turkish peas and oil. Turkish peas, as mentioned before, can promote bloating and oil can cause problems with the digestive system. This is definitely not a pre-workout combination.

Ice Cream

Fat and milk in this delicacy can stop your workout with abdominal cramps, bloating and flatulence.

Protein Shake

Protein is used to build and rebuild muscle, and it is best to drink such cocktails right after a workout, not before. It is best to drink it within 30 minutes after training.

Rice / Brown Rice Cakes

These have no nutritional value in principle. You will make your stomach work, but your body will not benefit from it. There is no need to strain the stomach during training – it is better to eat one slice of bread instead, because the body will be able to use its carbohydrates for training.


Of course, they are healthy, but when it comes to effects on the body during training, it is not the best choice. Lettuce can promote bloating and flatulence, stealing the energy needed for sports.

Spicy Food

A spicy meal eaten before a workout can cause problems for the digestive system and promote heartburn – burning in the chest or throat.

Smoothies Bought in the Store

Although in theory they should be healthy, their content is less valuable and rich in nutrients, because fruit juices are often used instead of fresh fruit. So in a beautiful bottle you get milk, processed fruit and sugar, which is not a healthy option before a workout.

Snack Mix

The portion size of these snacks is about a handful, but it is well known that we eat the whole pack at once – at least several handfuls for sure. And before a workout, that means a lot more fat than your stomach can handle, which can contribute to indigestion and fatigue.

Unripe and Green or Already Brown Bananas

Only yellow, well-ripened bananas will fit before the workout. Those who are still green or already overripe will cause big problems for your stomach.


As it is not recommended to use dairy products before training, yogurt is not the best choice. But protein is useful, so if you can, choose yogurt without milk and find a vegan option.

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