Benefits Of Taking Part In Volleyball

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Volleyball is a physically strenuous sport that requires skill and endurance. But it is also an entertaining game that can be perfectly combined with leisure activities with friends.

You can play volleyball indoors, in the green hall or on the beach. There are several benefits – why choose to play volleyball directly.

Therefore, if you want to get involved in volleyball training with great motivation, read the major benefits of this game.

Burns calories and fat

One of the major benefits of playing volleyball is that the game helps burn calories and is an important component of a weight loss program.

According to research at Harvard Medical School, playing volleyball for at least half an hour can burn between 90 and 133 calories.

Of course, depending on the number of players, calorie burning changes. If you play beach volleyball in pairs, then the movements are much more, so the calorie burn is 120 to 178 in half an hour.

An hour-long volleyball game on a much less stable foundation, such as beach sand, can burn up to 480 calories.

Physical Activity

Playing volleyball is a healthy way to get physical activity.

Regular physical activity is important for human health because it helps maintain and strengthen the heart rate and prevents the risk of various diseases (heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and others).

Regular games repel depression and increase feelings of happiness and well-being. Playing volleyball also increases aerobic capacity.

You consume the same amount of energy playing volleyball for 20 minutes as you run a mile and a half.

Hand-eye coordination

Volleyball requires the player to concentrate completely on the ball. It is allowed to use your hands and wrists to make the ball fly over the net.

Playing volleyball requires certain skills to help you successfully move the ball and move around the field.

In the game you have to be able not only to repel the ball but also to successfully place blocks, sink, serve, give passes to team members.

Such coordination is also useful in other sports games and physical activities related to teamwork and opponents. You need to react quickly in any situation.

Social interaction

When you play volleyball, you interact with your team – whether it’s a pair of beach volleyball or the full lineup in the gym.

The game requires you to work with your team, otherwise you will not get results. Must be able to talk and react to situations.

Research concludes that players who take part in regular team sports have more pronounced skills to cooperate and lead than those who take part in individual sports.

Regular social interaction with team members also increases your feelings of happiness. It helps to feel part of the team and feel part of the group in order to achieve the goal of winning together.

Spending time with friends makes you feel valued and loved, which turns into happiness.

A Passion For Sports

Acting as part of a team requires some kind of knowledge to gain good mastery. You need to pay attention to what your teammates are doing so that they can work together.

By playing a team game it teaches the values ​​of hard work and honesty. The game teaches that defeat must also be accepted with honor and perceived as a challenge for the next game.

Volleyball is a competitive and physically demanding sports game, which depends on how much you give it.

Being part of a team also means what others think of you. It is respect and compassion from team members.

When playing volleyball, you need to know the basic rules, as well as mistakes that should not be made, such as:

  • Don’t let the ball stop on your field or catch it during a throw
  • A player must not touch the ball twice in a row
  • The ball must not be played to your teammates three times in a row before crossing the net
  • Do not touch the net with your hand


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