Blood Pressure – How To Measure It?

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Normal Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

What Does Blood Pressure Tell Us About Our Body?

Blood Pressure is measurable heart health indicator.

Blood Pressure is one of most important organism health indicators. Doctors are measuring it to control overall health condition.

If an individual has high blood pressure (Hypertension), and it isn’t under control, then heart problems can occur, heart attack and other complications.

46% of adults have elevated blood pressure. High blood pressure sometimes are refereed as “silent killed”, – lot of times it has no symptoms.

Different things, such as smoking or bad eating habits can cause elevated blood pressure.

Healthy Lifestyle have a big impact on it – that is how you evade high blood pressure.

If You have elevated blood pressure, then You will have to use medications.

Did You know that in USA because of high blood pressure 1000 people lose life daily?

American Heart Foundation

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Check Your Blood Pressure

American Heart Health Association suggests, starting from 20 years of age, to keep track of blood pressure regularly or once in 2 years, if it is lower than 120/80 mm Hg. Individuals with elevated blood pressure should measure it three times in one week.

Anyone can take blood Pressure, furthermore doing it at home can be more beneficial than making doctor’s appointment. Reason behind it is that at doctors cabinetyourr blood pressure might elevate from stress

In 2017. Year American Heart Health Association issued guidelines, after which We can categorize blood pressure measurements:



Systolic – under 120 mm HG

Diastolic – 80 mm HG


Systolic 120-129 mm HG

Diastolic – under 80 mm HG

Hypertension 1 st phase

Systolic – 130-139 mm HG

Diastolic – 80-89 mm HG

Hypertension 2 nd phase

Systolic at least 140 mm HG or

Diastolic at least 90 mm HG

What Is Normal Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure measurement describes power at which blood pushes on arterial walls. When heart muscle contract and push blood, it makes pressure on blood vessel walls.

When We are born blood vessels are very flexible and easily expand, again shrinking, when blood pressure lowers.

Getting older sediment is formed, and flexible walls slowly begin to calcify. It means that they are no longer able to expand as they used to, to endure higher pressure. With time heart will need big enough power to pump in blood into calcified blood vessels, and it begins to swelter.

Blood pressure is expressed with two proportional numbers. 

  1. Systolic Pressure – it arises when the heart is beating. 

  2. Diastolic Pressure – when heart muscle is relaxed.

Heart Rate can be elevated by lot of factors:

  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Medications
  • Cold in some cases

Active adults have lower heart rate and blood pressure. Same goes for people who don’t smoke and are not overweight.

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