Why Does Brain Wrinkle?

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Brain Wrinkle

Did You know that brain wrinkles don’t appear when we learn something new? It’s a myth.

We find wrinkled brains only in animals with large brain. 

Forming of the wrinkles are not dependent just on cerebral cortex expansion, but also on physical properties of the brain.

Thinner spots crinkle easier than the thicker ones. Each cerebral cortex physical property and unique wrinkle shape are all connected. 

For example, elephants have much bigger and wrinklier brains than us humans, however their brain is not as developed as ours.

Our brain cerebral cortex is much more complex functions, even though our brain has fewer wrinkles.

Conclusion – This is the reason our brain looks like a walnut, it is made in that exact shape so we could fit all that information in that one organ.

Why Does The Wrinkles Appear On Brain?

Brain wrinkles forms the outer surface of the brain (cerebral cortex), gradually expanding, since there are not enough space, the brain wrinkles.

Basically cerebral cortex expansion creates pressure, which is equalized by wrinkling.

Imagine a piece of rubber – if you apply pressure on the both sides, at one moment it will give in and it will succumb to increasing pressure and bend.

Brain wrinkles provide space for neurons, therefore brain is well developed and has good cognitive abilities.

However, crinkled brain is not a universal phenomenon. Most animals don’t have it.

For example, mice and rats don’t have crinkled brain, because, when brain cerebral cortex is developing, it doesn’t expand that much that crinkles would be necessary, therefore their brain surface is smooth.

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