Chest Exercises To Build Muscle – 8 Amazing Exercises

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Chest Exercises To Build Muscle

Chest Exercises To Build Muscle

Make sure to use various training methods and motions in Your training routine.

  1. Switch between barbell, dumbbells and machines
  2. Use free weights
  3. Mix things up like doing push and pull / splits

If You are a complete beginner, don’t go in blind. Get a personal trainer and don’t get yourself an injury!

First You have to set the goal. Is it weight loss you are after or do You want to build muscle? Or perhaps you want to be a weightlifter and go on stage? We suggest starting by reading THIS article about physiology.

In gym, generally there are 3 training types people chose.

  1. Training for muscle mass 2-6 reps
  2. Training for strength 6-12 reps
  3. Training for muscle endurance 12-18 reps

Barbell Bench Press to build chest muscles

Classic chest exercise, that targets:

  • Pectoral muscles
  • Triceps
  • Anterior deltoid
  1. Lift the bar and hold it above Your chest, grip should be little bit wider than shoulder width.
  2. Inhale as You are lowering bar towards Your chest, lower Your arms together until forearms are vertical at the low point.
  3. Push the bar upwards, following same way as You were lowering it. Finish rep over Your chest with straight arms.

Training For Muscle Size (Hypertrophy) , do 8-12 reps per set. If You can do only 7 the weight is too heavy, lower it. But don’t do more than 12! 1-2 minute rests between sets.

Training For Strength lift heavy load for 5 sets, then 3, then 2 and finally 1. Take 3-5 minute rests between sets.

Training For Muscle Endurrance 15+ reps per set. Take short rest periods 30-45 seconds.

Dumbbell Bench Press

Similar to barbell bench-press with added benefit of increased range of motion.


  • Pectoral Muscles
  • Triceps
  • Anterior deltoid 
  1. Raise dumbbells over Your chest
  2. Lower dumbbells together while controlling the weight, keep them aligned across the middle of the chest
  3. Press the weights back up until they are above Your chest again

Incline Barbell Bench Press

Basic chest exercise, focusing on Upper part of the chest.

Muscles Targeted :

  • Pectoral muscles
  • Triceps
  • Shoulders
  1. Grip the bar, more than shoulder width
  2. Lower the bar on top of Your chest, so the forearms are nearly vertical under the bar
  3. Straighten the arms evenly, until the bar reaches start position

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

Similar to barbell bench press.

This exercise allows greater range of motion and has greater value for training purposes.

Muscles Targeted:

  • Pectoral Muscles
  • Triceps
  • Shoulders
  1. Lift the dumbbells above Your head on straight arms, dumbbells are touching at the top of the movement
  2. Lower dumbbells while controlling the weight, at the point where Your upper arms are near vertical and weights are in level of shoulders.
  3. Push the dumbbells upwards to the starting position

Make sure that both dumbbells are lifted up evenly, avoid jerking or twisting Your body!

Incline Fly

This chest exercise helps to develop shoulders and upper part of the chest.

Offers greater range of motion to work large muscles of the chest.

Muscles Targeted:

  • Upper part of chest
  • Shoulders
  1. Set Your bench to 45 degrees
  2. Lift dumbbells above Your head so they just touch
  3. Bring dumbbells slowly down by controlling the weight (do not allow dumbbells to drop vertically)
  4. Finish the movement when dumbbells are level with Your eyes and begin to return phase, breathe our as You do
  5. Return to starting position

Don’t use heavy weights – this could lead to bad form and risk of injury! 

Cable Crossover

This chest and shoulder exercis You are not supported by a bench, therefore Your core and legs have to do that for You.

Using cable machine works Your muscles with large range of motion.

Muscles Targeted:

  • Pectoral Muscles
  • Shoulder Muscles
  1. Set the cables at the highest position and select Your weight
  2. Lean forward slightly and pull handles across Your body – breathe in and let arms traavel back in a wide arc so they are just behind the line of Your torso – this is start position
  3. Bring Your arms down and across Your body , keep Your head up and maintain slight bend in Your arms as You pull the handles
  4. Bring Your hands to the front of Your body before starting the return phase

Machine Chest Press

Perfect chest exercise for beginners, that are not comfortable with free weights.

Muscles Targeted:

  • Pectoral Muscles
  • Shoulder Muscles
  1. Set Chest machine to match Your height and limb lenght
  2. Set desired weight
  3. Grip handles, breathe in deeply and breathe our as You do the pressing motion
  4. Fully extend Your arms and then return to starting position, breathing in
  5. Don’t let weight be resting before You are doing another repetition

Machine Fly

This chest exercise allows Your chest msucles to work in large range of motion while keeping Your body supported.

Targeted Muscles:

  1. Set Chest machine to match Your height and limb lenght
  2. Set desired weight
  3. Grab the handles and and allow Your arms to spread in a wide arc so they are just behind the line of Your torso
  4. Bring handles together with Your elbows slightly bent
  5. When the movement is completed and Your hands touch contract Your chest muscles and return to starting position

Press Up

Most basic chest exercise, that requires no equipment – just Your bodyweight.

Targeted Muscles:

  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Triceps
  1. Support Your body on Your toes and arms staright, positioned little wider than Your shoulders
  2. Breathe in and lower Your body to the floor, until Your torso touches the floor
  3. Hold position for second, breathe out and press up until Your arms are straight and You are back to starting position

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