The Four Most Common Reasons For Divorce Revealed By Men

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Having been married for a long time, a husband and wife at the helm of this ship can get into pleasant cruise control – the voyage is smooth, one or the other side draws attention to solving everyday problems related to career and children.

But eventually, such reliance on the self-sufficiency of marriage leads to the loss of the spark and original connection that brought the wife and husband together. Often this also leads to divorce, which is chosen by a man.

If a man lacks certain things in a long-term relationship, he may feel neglected, forcing even the most ardent spouse to reach a breaking point.



Cheating is a frequently cited reason for a divorce. In addition, there is a widespread perception that men perceive such distrust by women more severely and live longer.

It should be noted, however, that the side step is never the real reason, the cause often lies in the deeper problems of marriage.

Lack of Recognition

Lack of recognition

Men like it when they receive positive words and are appreciated. If they don’t get it in marriage – they will quickly look to the door.

Even the most understanding and patient man can at some point run out of limits and be constantly overwhelmed by a lack of recognition.

Feeling rejected and underappreciated becomes more and more intense and harder to tolerate, so he may decide to end the relationship.

Lack of Intimacy

Lack of intimacy

For some time now, the wind has been blowing in the bedroom and the spouses are no longer even showing affection when they join hands?

It is a sign that the closeness in the relationship has so weakened that the man perceives it as a fact that his wife no longer feels the force of attraction.

We can see a lack of intimacies in marriage as a silent form of rejection that points to greater problems in the relationship, the reason for the divorce.

Lack of Commitment

Lack of commitment

In a study by the University of Denver on the causes of divorce, 95 percent of the varieties surveyed showed that one reason for the divorce was a lack of commitment.

Lack of commitment includes loyalty, trust, commitment to relationships and general devotion to them.

If all these elements of marriage are missing, there is an obvious crisis, because both partners need to feel equally that they are equally together and working hard in this alliance.

If a man feels that his wife is not investing absolutely anything without trying to build the initial bond, he may feel alone, powerless and useless in the relationship.

4 most common reasons for divorce revealed by men

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