How To Regain Smell and Taste After COVID-19

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We have mentioned loss of smell and taste as a common symptom of Covid-19, which may be in combination with other manifestations of the virus or as the only symptom.

The good news is that olfactory neurons can regenerate. Bad news – not everyone’s sense of smell and taste returns to the same level as before Covid-19.

Be Patient

According to the data available to doctors, 86 percent of Covid-19 patients with a mild-to-moderate course of the disease reported olfactory problems, while a similar percentage had a change in taste perception.

Taste and smell work together to create a perception of taste. According to some experts, patients who lose their sense of smell after an infection have about a 60 to 80 percent chance of regaining at least part of their full sense of smell within a year.

Enjoy what you can experience

It turns out that you can train not only muscles but also olfactory and taste receptors. One of the easiest techniques that is easy to implement at home is to smell different products several times a day.

Essential oils with a powerful scent, such as eucalyptus, cloves, roses, while lemons, coffee and spices will work well. The range of products and oils can be expanded.

No need to worry if a familiar smell suddenly seems different from what you remember. It is a temporary phenomenon.

Concentration also plays an important role. If you still can’t smell a particular product or it is very faint, then it calls for a memory to be used, to remember how that product smells. The brighter this scent can be imagined, the better!

A similar principle works for taste stimulation. If you can’t feel all the nuances of taste, focus on the basic sensations – sweet, salty, bitter and sour.

Try to feel the texture of the food in all its nuances and the feelings caused by touching the palate.

Eating consciously will help you focus on what you can still taste and taste, rather than worrying that something is not yet happening.

Spicier food and cultivating gratitude

The well-known saying “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” takes on a new meaning when applied to overcoming difficulties after a diseased Covid-19.

Of course, losses are not always easy to accept, but at the same time, they call for more caution, conscience and, ultimately, resilience.

We must learn to be patient and evaluate progress step by step. I still vividly remember the day when, for the first time after a break of several months, I felt the breath of citrus fruits while drinking tea. The smell of lemon had never seemed so sweet.

Recovery of sense of smell and taste

The first step – do not be ashamed to openly acknowledge and show the feelings caused by the loss, accept them, but do not fall into the negative;

The second step – consult with an otolaryngologist to get specific recommendations for each individual situation;

The third step – consider changing your cooking habits, such as adding more spices, making your meal more aromatic and richer;

The fourth step – Keep hope that the recovery will be successful and cultivate gratitude because, despite having suffered a potentially dangerous illness, you are now on your way to recovery.

Finally, in case of questions or concerns, we strongly recommended consulting your doctor and, of course, listen to your body. And believe in its wisdom.

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