Cracking Bones

Why does Joints crack?

Scientists have been talking about this question for quite a while, furthermore this question seems to be unanswered.

Scientists have been looking into this question since 20. Century.

Scientists thought that joints are cracking because little air bubbles are being compressed in their surrounding fluids. 

However, latest research finds that cracking happens because of these air bubbles occur and not because they get compressed.

The Cracking

There have been a lot of theories why this exact sound of cracking happens. The reason behind this exact sound could be anything. 

It could be vibrations in cells or it could be joint bags tightening, or air bubble formation.

Air bubble formation happens when in synovial fluid (who oils joints), suddenly drops the pressure levels by moving the joints and with that happens the formation of gas filled empty spots. 

Approximately 80% of these air bubbles contents are carbon dioxide.  It has been proven that cracks are forming at the same time when the air bubbles are forming inside the joints.

Truth be told, Magnetic Resonance speed is lacking to tell if sound matches the air bubble formation or compression time. 

By doing research scientists have proven that sound occurs when joints are being relaxed – at this moment synovial fluid pressure rises very fast and the air bubbles get compressed which makes them to create new smaller air bubbles.

The sound can even be occurring by compressing these air bubbles without destroying them.

Did you know that there are no proof that joint cracking can cause health problems, for example, Arthritis.

Bone Cracking Can Be Good

Specialists that correct bone problems by cracking them are called “chiropractics”.

Human body has tremendous ability to self-heal. However, this process and many more are controlled by the central nervous system.

However, if there are blockages in central nervous system, called “subluxations” then ability to self-heal is disrupted.

It’s chiropractics job to fix these blockages and restore body’s ability to self-heal. Therefore, chiropractics are often called “bone crackers”.

Many people don’t realize that chiropractics have extensive knowledge about human body. It is a five Year master’s degree, like many other doctors. Therefore, word “bone cracker” is not appropriate.

But in reality, chiropractors know what they are doing and operations are completely safe. Even if bone cracking sound scary to you. However, chiropractors aren’t really cracking bones, unlike the name suggests.

Using techniques that they have learned, they push bones gently in your spine. However, there are also high velocity techniques that don’t make cracking sound.

After the job is done, nervous system can function properly again. The function of self healing is at its peak again.

Neck Cracking Risks


These cases are very rare, however it is possible to tear vertebral artery. This artery’s job is to supply blood to the brain. This tear can cause a stroke.

People who are cracking their neck are more prone to get stroke.

Lack Of Mobility

When You are cracking Your neck, it causes damage to connective tissue in the spine. Over time, it can cause a lack of mobility and to fix it you will need medical help.

Blood Clotting

There are known cases of blood clotting caused by the neck cracking. It is very dangerous to the brain, because it can disrupt the oxygen supply to the brain.

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