Important Daily Basics For Your Health. 4 Examples!

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The Daily Basics

Our Basics and Values

We devoted our first topic for explaining our opinion about The Daily Basics of a healthy lifestyle for all age and social groups. We all can realise it in our daily life without an extra effort.

Why The Basics? – Everything in our world starts from small, but strong basic things and actions, and everything happens in a specific order – without order there is no strong basis, there is only chaos.

For example, You can not start your training without warm up, because of higher risk of injuries, so the same in every other action in Your daily life – starting from good and enough sleep in night and positive first “Good morning” for better day. Maybe The Basic for Your day is that “Good morning” with a smile on your face … Think about it!

Of course, this is not a secret that nothing happens just the same way. You need to think about Your own health and body – it is Your duty to yourself and Your family, especially to Your children, because in family we are all one part of that strong basic.

As Buddha said:

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”

Our Basics is also our values. Health is one of basic value in life. With a good and strong health you can work – and work is also an important value.

It sounds simple, but it is an enormous value – to work in all the ways You want (in Your job, in Your home, in Your training ect.).

And of course one of the biggest value in our life is our family, also our friends and all the good people around us. The Daily Basics can be integrated in your daily routine as well.

Do not forget Your closer people – they are the best gift and strength You need together with Your own motivation for doing good things and living better.

If You realize Your Daily Basics and Values, it is very simple to live healthy!

The Daily basic rules:

Good and enough sleep

By definition sleep is a condition of body and mind which recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness suspended.

There are many things that going on in time we are sleeping – sleep enables the body to repair and be ready for another day. So sleep is essential for maintain a good health and well being.

Even more – sleep is as vital as regular exercise and eating a balanced diet. Qualitative and enough sleep prevents inflammation and physical and mental diseases, and obesity and weight gain, it stabilize and strengthen immune system, prepare us for the next day to concentrate and think better – so it clears our mind too.

The first step you can start with is enough sleep time – there are sleep time recommendations that National Sleep Foundation and World Health Organization recommend, for example younger adults and adults (18-64 years old) sleep range is 7-9 hours. This range differs depending on age groups. Recommendations You can find here:

But not only enough, sleep is enough!

Together with enough sleep time, it is important to think about good sleep quality and sleep hygiene.

Much more about sleep hygiene and how to improve your sleeping habits we will try to explain in our home page in section: Health & Well-being

Smile and positive attitude

Mother Teresa said:

“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do,”

There are no comments to this quote – just try to: You will see! The better You feel, the better You do all the tasks and exercises, and the better feel people around You. So try to improve Your and others day with smile and some positive words and –

We would like to have some feedback from you! Tell us in the comment section and let us know.

Daily physical activities

Did You remember? – at the start of this article we wrote that healthy lifestyle we all could realise in our daily life without an extra effort. What does it mean?

It takes only a little of imagination to find out all the activities you can do in Your job or home. For example, use stairs instead of using an elevator; go to Your colleagues work desk by Yourself instead of calling on phone, even if it is not in the same floor; go for a walk in evenings instead of watching TV; park your car farther from entrance in market ect.

More about daily and more advanced activities in our home page: Health & Well-being

Healthy nutrition

And again it does not take a lot of effort to eat healthy. Star with basics – exclude from your diet snacks and fast food – it is the first step. There are also healthy snacks you can use between Your meal, for example carrots – just try! Remember to eat breakfast, do not eat late in the evening, try to eat home-made food, use healthy snacks, eat vegetables and fruits, do not use a lot of salt.

Do not forget about rehydration! An average adult male needs at least two litres of clear water per day. And there are also recommendations for adequate amount of water for children depend on their weight, so teach also your children from small age to drink water.

Remember that healthy eating prevents also diseases, heart diseases and type II diabetes!

In our home page we will try to give You healthy nutrition recommendations and some recipes for healthy foods and explain the importance for eating healthy – for both adults and children.


In Conclusion thank you a lot for visiting our page and read our blog! We will try to explain you all the things in detail we mentioned in this article and more. We will be happy for your feedback in comments or e-mail.

Do not forget your basic values in every moment of life!

The Daily Basics For You

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