Tips To Overcome Dependence On Devices and Internet

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dependance on the internet

Dependence On Devices

Do you fall asleep and wake up on the phone? Are you sleeping with him? Pat your device from time to time, even when you spend time with loved ones?

Are you afraid to miss something when you don’t touch the phone? If you feel that there is too much of the Internet and all kinds of devices in your life, start weaning. Or, to put it bluntly, digital detox.

First, you don’t have to shake yourself, FOMO, “fear of missing out” is a recognized and widespread syndrome among smart device users today. This is because of habit.

However, this means that you should try to get away from the devices somehow, even though it is neither easy nor pleasant. Here are some suggestions on how to do this.

alarm clock

Buy An Alarm Clock

No, seriously! No weaning occurs if you have a very practical and justifiable need to sleep with your phone to your ear, because somehow you still have to get to work.

There is an alarm clock – no problem! You can leave your phone outside the bedroom (where it has the right place) and wake up without it.

There is also no despair of childhood disgusting alarm clicks or hate beeps – today, however, the development of alarm clocks has progressed and there are the most comfortable for everyone’s heart and sleep – even those that wake up with soft light instead of sound.

After all, it will be more pleasant to wake up if you can stretch and catch a loved one, child or pet properly, instead of tweeting.

Sort Out Your Apps

Think of it as sorting a closet – if you haven’t pulled on your clothes for a long time, throw them out. The same goes for apps, leaving only the most commonly used.

This will both take less time and make your device faster. However, if the application was very much needed, it is always possible to install it again.

Opt Out of Push Notifications

These are the same brief messages that announce a Very Important New Event on your phone, or a new article on your favorite blog site.

Whenever one is received, there is a tremendous temptation to immediately see what has happened there. But the really important things are the ones you call. Everything else can wait and not interfere with your concentration on work, study or family time.

phone mute

Turn off the Sound

Most phones today can turn off all sounds except for calls from special people. It’s a bit radical, but a very healthy move. It encourages others to consider which apps are not audible. The less the phone beeps, the more successful the work will be.

Unfollow People

As with apps, people play an important, less important, and unimportant role in your social networks. It is even harmful for some – for all those who are watching social media drama and stuffing it with toxic messages.

Only leave in your follow-up lists those you read with pleasure and are interested in everyday life. The rest? Not worth it. By the way, you can also do it on the Facebook platform, and you don’t have to end the friendship (if the unreadable person is your boss, for example).

Do Not Use the Phone At Dinner

This is such a good rule to follow – no appliances at the dinner table. But talk to your family or friends, damn it! There is a nice trick on the Internet with a bunch of phones and the accompanying text that the first person to reach for the phone pays the rest for dinner. Maybe it’s worth a try?

Airplane Mode Is Convenient

Ok, sometimes a phone is needed because it replaces several other devices. For example, music players in the evening run. However, when you run, you don’t want to be distracted by a flood of WhatsApp messages or a phone call.

Put on airplane mode – the music will still play, but no one will reach you (although if you are going to run a long piece, it is worth warning people not to run home and see the police crew at their door).

Schedule Time Without Devices

Just like you are planning a walk to the gym or a manicure, you can also plan time without devices and the Internet. Meet friends, read a book, go outdoors, go eat ice cream in the cafe, shop in the market – there are many things that do not need a phone and the Internet at all.

The exception may be music – ok, without it it can be hard, and that’s normal and understandable. Respect these plans just like any meeting or visit.

Refrain From Googling

Google, while a very useful thing, is also a conversational killer. Every time someone comes to mind in the company of friends – for example, how many does the tallest person in the world weigh? – A device addict quickly twists it and the conversation ends with it.

Of course, this can and often should be done, because knowing the facts is a good thing, but how can this be discussed based on the knowledge available to you? By the way, do you know what the highest height a person has survived from falling? Discuss this with your friends without googling!

Set Achievable Goals

The goal of giving up the phone for a week is, of course, noble, but completely unachievable (unless you are a radical with a penchant for fatalism).

It also quite demotivates to start something at all, because nothing will work. Meanwhile, small, realistic goals will not only help you overcome your addiction, but will also make you happy that you have succeeded. How about an hour a day without a phone – better, right?

At the end of your life you will remember all the fond memories of your loved ones, not a good joke on Twitter or how you used your fifth iPhone. It’s worth working hard to have more cool memories.

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