Incredible Facts About Memory

Memory storage process is not that simple. Memory likes to play jokes with us. It saves childhood events in every detail, but forget where we put the keys or the TV remote control.

Walking Through The Door Makes You Forget

Have you ever found yourself in a room without knowing how you got there? Scientists have figured out that such surprises could be to blame for the door.

It is possible that our brains go through the door as a signal that the environment has changed and therefore the previously gained memories must be stored.

The side effect is strange memory loss. Entering and exiting the door to the mind is like a “boundary of events” – the door seems to separate episodes of activities and sort them for storage.

It’s harder to remember something that happened in another room because it’s already in another memory compartment.

Such boundaries are useful because they help to better organize memories in time and remember not only where something happened but also when.

Memory Loss From Sex

True, this is rare, but sometimes certain activities can actually cause memory loss and confusion. They call this temporal general amnesia.

For example, there have been reports of patients losing their minds for an entire day or more after sex, and it has been difficult to remember recent information.

However, general amnesia does not cause any serious side effects and usually resolves within a few hours.

However, scientists could not find out exactly what is happening, and brain examinations of individual patients have revealed no signs of brain damage or stroke.

Nobody Remembers How Life As A Baby Was

Early childhood memories are volatile, and it’s not the same. Usually a person does not remember himself before the age of three or four.

They call this infantile amnesia. In the past, scientists believed that a person has memories of a previous experience, only lacks the ability to verbalize it.

However, recent research shows that children still develop memories, but they are erased by special mechanisms. One explanation is that the growing brain produces cells and erases stored memories.

Injuries Can Cause Memory Loss

Injury to the brain structures involved in the process of memory formation, preservation and memory can lead to memory loss. Brain damage can cause a variety of specific forms of amnesia.

One of the most studied cases is a patient who, after surgery, removed a brain fragment to treat epilepsy and lost the ability to form recent memories.

Another patient who received a similar fate after an inflammation of the brain caused by the virus received almost as much attention.

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