How Does Fight or Flight Response Work? 5 Ways To Eliminate Stress

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fight or flight response

Fight or Flight Response

Stress is one of today’s greatest challenges. If we do not learn to deal with it, there is a risk of premature aging and an increased risk of many health disorders. But stress can be overcome. Try one of the five proven stress relief techniques.

Stress in itself is not bad. It is part of the body’s natural chemical response to fight or flight stimuli.

Basically, a lot of stress, say when the deadline comes, makes the immune system tense. However, if the stress is chronic and the body is in a long-term and out of place fight or flight, these substances, although natural, become a slow-acting poison.

This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as a “fight or flight” reaction, which involves exacerbated body expressions.

For example, endorphins are released, which contribute to the resolution of stress-induced pain, which may explain the positive effects of repression on pain tolerance.

A sign of a fight or flight reaction is also the release of adrenaline, which can improve physical performance.

control your thoughts

Control Your Thoughts

There is a tremendous amount of evidence that different mental techniques and meditation can be very effective in changing the response to events that usually drive us into stress.

One of the most effective forms of meditation is kundalini yoga meditation. In a small study, this yoga meditation group found that they improved their mood and reduced

obsessive compulsive disorder more than those who used relaxation and awareness techniques for three months. In addition, these improvements persisted at the end of the study, 15 months later.

physical contact with massage

Seek Physical Contact

Touching is an easy and effective way to reduce stress. For example, those who are much embraced by their parents in childhood are better able to cope with stress in adulthood.

This could be due to the release of oxytocin, a hormone that can lower stress, blood pressure and cortisol. Oxytocin release is stimulated by both touch and a positive outlook on life, warm feelings and empathy for other people.

Massage is a very effective stress reliever.

In one study, a group of 54 people aged 60 and over tested two methods:

1. twice a week for 50 minutes for four weeks, receiving a massage (including Swedish, neuromuscular and myofascial)

2. targeted relaxation, which included visualization and muscle relaxation.

At the end of the experiment, the massage group showed a significant improvement in anxiety, depression, vitality and general health compared to the relaxation group.

physical activities

Engage In Physical Activities

In a state of stress, active physical exercise can help to relax, which also lowers blood pressure for those with hypertension.

In one study, 30 participants were working out on an exercise bike with both normal and high blood pressure. The researchers found that their blood pressure had dropped after just one session.

This was most pronounced in people with high blood pressure, but everyone felt much more relaxed.

Focus on faith

Focus On Your Faith

A sense of unity and purpose is also a very powerful way to deal with stress, and scientists have seen this when studying people from religious and social groups.

For example, people with a strong religious faith were better able to cope with the effects of a stroke. This was the conclusion of the researchers when they surveyed 132 randomly selected post-stroke patients who were undergoing rehabilitation in hospital.

Those who belonged to a religious or spiritual community felt less anxiety and depression than those who were agnostics or atheists.

food supplements

Use Supplements and Herbs With a Tonic Effect

Certain supplements and herbs can help reduce stress. Adaptogenic or tonic plants act directly on the body’s cells to stimulate the healing process and restore the body’s natural functions, as well as to promote other processes.

Dicotyledonous ginkgo leaf extract and ginseng can reverse the biochemical response to acute and chronic stress.

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