Health Marketing Nonsense

Every day we hear various suggestions on what to eat, what to drink, and how to live better.

While some of them are indeed correct and correct, the claims are often just a marketing ploy for a new diet, product or fitness program.

It is easy for the ignorant to get confused here. So it’s good that medical professionals come to the rescue and explain what’s what.

Here will be the most popular myths and statements to contemplate.

Clinically Proven

What this means: It usually means that nothing has been proven. Often the research referred to by the sellers of a product or service exists and is correct, only it is not so easy to interpret.

The results of the research suggest a possible connection between X and Y, while in marketing texts this possibility has become a 100% apparent cause.

Therefore, it is better to get information from several sources and, if knowledge allows, to read the study itself, to which the text refers.

Reach [insert any goal] In Five Minutes a Day!

What this means: we know you’re lazy and don’t want to do anything, so let’s try to smear you with a smart solution.

And if you’re a big fool to grab this offer, you deserve to lose your money. In reality, we can achieve nothing in five minutes.

True, super-intensive, short workouts also bring some benefits for physical activity, but mostly they are suitable for prepared people, not for sofa lovers with an excess 15 kg.

And definitely 5 minutes a day with a miracle tool is not what will help you look like a fitness model.

Effortless! Quick and easy!

In the world of fitness and health, nothing is easy when it comes to quick solutions.

The path to health, good stature and beautiful appearance is not complicated, but requires fundamental lifestyle changes and also a good dose of discipline.

If it were simple, we would all look like from lingerie catalogs. Don’t get fooled by the lies!

You Need Detox To Rid Your Body Of Impurities

Do you know what the best detox is? Your liver and kidneys! Unless it damages them, there are no toxins in your body.

Fear is a good marketing mechanism, and people are often intimidated into thinking that their bodies are full of some unknown, horrible poison.

The next time you hear the words “toxins” and “detox”, ask the confident professional to name some of them.

He probably won’t be able to, because there are no such toxins at all. Except, of course, those who are poisonous and critically life-threatening.

It releases them in resuscitation, not with tea.


A name that is often used to sell you the “best and most” solution or product. Yes, it is possible, but not in mass production.

Optimal will always be something tailored just for you – with blood tests, muscle tests and preliminary examinations.

Completely Natural

People like to think that natural is safe, healthy and harmless. Belladonna and white fly agaric are also completely natural things.

Often, natural, unrefined ingredients can be very allergic and even dangerous – even to your health, not just your wallet.

We should also take it into account that medicines must meet certain standards of efficacy, safety and clinical evidence, while it requires nothing of food supplement manufacturers.

Therefore, natural supplements and compressed herbal tablets can be both completely natural and useless.

Which, of course, is already much better than the harmful effects.

Alkaline Food, Water, Diet

What this means: we know that you understand nothing from human physiology.

We will trick you into a diet that will make you give up burgers and cola, but we will write down all the success for the alkaline food, not your willpower.

Let’s also put some Instagram influencers to work to convince you completely. But the reality is: the human body needs to maintain a very constant order of internal affairs, called homeostasis.

The ratio of acid to alkali in the blood can only vary between 7.35 and 7.45. As soon as you slip out of this narrow spectrum, you are struck down or, in the worst case, even dead.

In addition, the stomach environment is extremely acidic because of hydrochloric acid, and no alkaline foods will help it magically change to the other side.

Depending on what you eat, the acid and alkali content can change in your urine, but that’s not exactly what we’re particularly interested in.

And well, that’s it – it would be pretty stupid to die from suddenly eating alkaline food, and your body can no longer function.

The Big Pharmaceutical Companies Have Conspired To Beat You Up and Damage Your Health

People communicate why they really like to think that there are some “bad” people out there who are doing everything, spending time, money and other resources to fool them.

One such “bad” is pharmaceutical companies. In fact, things are very different: although pharmaceutical companies are really interested in profit (they don’t hide it), all products in the pharmaceutical industry have gone through years of research and approval.

Medicines must not be ineffective – they are simply not included in the register (of course, there is a possibility that someone will not work because of individual characteristics).

The same is true with vaccines. And as soon as people get sick from the drug, the manufacturer takes full responsibility.

Nutritional supplements, homeopaths and strange “natural health” gurus are not really regulated by anyone.

And therefore all the responsibility lies with the uneducated consumer.

[insert product] Treats Cancer

There has been a lot of discussion about this lately.

However, it is worth reminding once again that healthy and proper eating is necessary and helps to recover, but it is important to treat both cancer and other diseases.

At proper doctor with proper medicine. A strange diet will not help get rid of the disease without treatment – if it were, cancer would no longer be a global problem.

Just like with a broken leg or a sore tooth, you just have to go to the doctor and start treatment. It’s that simple.


According to the public, food can be divided into good and bad.

Although you might think so – broccoli is definitely healthier than a burger – even “bad” food has committed nothing and will certainly not hurt if you indulge in it a few times a year.

Just like broccoli will cause health problems if you eat only from them for several months out of place.

And “guilt-free” food will also lead to tires and squeezed pants, if you get tired of it day by day.

There is nothing guilt-free about eating at all – eating is a normal, natural physiological process, not something that increases or decreases a person’s value.

And the more we treat it normally, the easier it will be to eat without drama. The same goes for the idea of “eating clean food”.

Fat Free

Most people think that fat-free or reduced-fat products will not make them fat.

The harsh truth, though, is that in most of these products, fat is replaced with a pile of sugar to make it somehow more enjoyable.

Ice cream is not fat at all, but that does not mean that it is healthy and dietary. In addition, in certain doses, fat is necessary for the normal functioning of the brain and organs, skin and hair health.

Any diet that erases fat will quickly lead to health problems.

True, there are products in which you can pay attention to the percentage of fat and choose the leanest option – for example, meat, milk and cottage cheese.

Superfood Products

There are healthier products, there are less healthy, but there are no such “super products”.

Each fruit or vegetable has its good and bad qualities. Walnuts contain valuable oil, but for many cause allergies.

Cranberries are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, but they are difficult to eat for people with sensitive teeth and a sore stomach.

Keila cabbage may be healthy, but it makes no sense if you eat with reluctance. Eggs contain many essential amino acids, but also cholesterol.

Whatever you hear about super products, it’s usually just marketing with the goal of selling a simple product for a lot of money.

Especially if it’s something new – that’s why the fashion for super products changes every year.

The body likes the variety of products best, and there will be a place for both the usual rye bread and ordinary cucumber and tomato.

Works At The Cellular Level

The ‘clinical trials’ mentioned at the outset are referred to here to show that the effects of a product or service are so severe that it is no longer possible.

Pretty funny, but everything in our bodies works at the cellular level. The substances of the products eaten enter the cells, oxygen and water also enter.

Cells undergo metabolic processes that speed up because of physical activity. What does not enter the cells?

For example, ingested fiber, which is not broken down by the body and is excreted (although it is still very necessary for normal bowel function).


The term has also been popularized by some enthusiasts in Europe, which suggests a unique and unusual recipe for tricking normal physiological processes in the body.

In fact, it is a fairly simple set of measures – healthy eating, sports, hardening – often combined with the goal of selling some super-expensive supplements.

But hey, we talked about healthy eating, sports and hardening several decades ago, when no one knew anything about biohacking.

In short – the same crayfish in a new and expensive bag.

Free Of Chemicals and E-Substances

What this means: we know you’re at risk for all kinds of chemicals, so we’ll put a label on the packaging to make the product look better.

The fact is that we ourselves contain a large part of Mendeleev’s table, and we need many minerals for the normal functioning of the body.

Similarly, organic and natural substances – such as sugar or salt – comprise chemical elements. Have you heard of the scary hydrogen monoxide?

All who drank it are dead, aaaa! (For those who did not understand – it’s water, and someday we will all die).

The same goes for E-substances. While some of them may indeed not be among the recommended ones, they also assign the letter E to completely normal things such as baking soda, citric acid, and salt.

Watch and think along!

Diet Of One / Some Products

From time to time, various crazy diets come into vogue – the egg diet, the Minnesota soup diet.

The keto or fat and carbohydrate-free diet, which was originally intended for children with severe epilepsy, has now turned its attention.

Looks and sounds believable because people understand nothing, do they?

Nutritionists and doctors say that the most effective diet will be one in which the variety of products provides all the

necessary nutrients and will not be confused on the third day (all ladies who have ever tried Minnesota soup know what the story is about).

Yes, there is no need to eat too many carbohydrates, which is emphasized by the keto diet – but usually this issue is resolved by discarding candy, buns and other snacks from the menu.

And there is no need to follow a diet that involves sipping sour cream straight from the packet (we are not kidding here at all).

Fat Burning Formula

A phrase that suggests that a cocktail or tablet contains magical substances that are “research-based” and work and anyone else.

In most cases, these cocktails contain caffeine and cayenne pepper, which has a minimal effect, and L-carnitine, the effect and effectiveness of which have not been proven.

Maybe you will burn 10 extra calories, which technically still counts as a result, but is it worth paying a lot of money for it – definitely not.

A coherent diet plan will be much more effective.

Functional Training

Once upon a time, aerobics was in vogue, then fitness, now CrossFit and functional training.

Sounds so coherent and promising – it will train and then function as much as the Terminator himself!

Everything would be fine if these trainings were not offered in groups.

Functional training is a rather individual thing, because each of us has different functions that we want to improve – for some it is balance, for some it is strength, for others – explosiveness and speed.

Doing a little work on each of them in a 40-minute lesson will not achieve a significant result. And in a group, people tend to have different levels of physical fitness.

If the coach is not very experienced and qualified, he may not notice that the functions you train are completely wrong and rather harm yourself.

True, this applies to any group workout.

What Doctors Don’t Tell You

There are press publications that even use this as their name and key selling point.

Such phrases are fascinated by people who cannot get a doctor’s degree or a qualified health care professional, but still want to make themselves and others feel that they understand something.

It is naivety, at worst, malicious fraud. Remember: no doctor has spent 10-12 years studying to trick patients. That would be one great joke, but it’s just not worth it.

Expert, Guru, Coach

While some coaches and health professionals are indeed experts who fully fit that name, including proper education, in most cases it means I lost weight and train, so now I know what others need to do.

That’s not how it really works. A person who has radically changed his body or health has been working for him.

However, each organism is different, and in order to be able to instruct others, it requires not only experience but also education and understanding of how the human body works in general.

Therefore, if a coach, nutritionist or expert cannot provide you with certificates from related schools or educational programs – get up and walk away. Health is only one.

The Bottom Line

The most important thing – think along, get interested and, if anything is unclear, ask the doctor. For healthcare, your doctor will always be the best place to turn. Those 10 years of study, however, have not been in vain.

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