How to Find Time for Sex if You Have a Small Child at Home?

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How to Find Time for Sex if You Have a Small Child at Home?

How to Find Time for Sex

Breastfeeding hormones, sleepless nights, lots of additional responsibilities – sometimes young parents feel so tired that when thinking about sex, only one question comes to mind – for how long?

When Can You Make Love Again?

The body recovers individually after childbirth for each woman, but we usually recommend it to abstain from sex for 4-6 weeks after childbirth or while there are secretions.

If a young mother’s desire for sex turns out to be too strong while there are still secretions, experts strongly recommend using condoms.

Why We Have Less Sex?

Even when you can start making love again, a woman’s sexual appetite may be lower. And there can be several reasons for this.

1. If she has had a difficult childbirth, it can be emotionally difficult for a woman to resume sexual intercourse because we relate it to the experience of giving birth.

It is best if the woman talks about it – with her partner, who can provide support so that the woman reacts to the experience of childbirth and does not get stuck in unpleasant feelings.

2. A month after giving birth, a woman may not yet feel sexually coveted because it takes time for the body to regain shape. It can be especially difficult for those who have outrageous demands on their body.

What We can do is to create an atmosphere, appropriate lighting, in which the woman still feels comfortable, and to put more emphasis not on visual enjoyment, but on touches, feelings, and also sound.

3. Exercise also helps you feel more satisfied with your body, because when you start doing various physical activities, you become better aware of and accept your body.

In addition, exercises for the abdominal muscles and perineal muscles will also practically help to regain shape faster.

4. The reason is completely down to earth – both the new mother and the father can be so tired because of the additional responsibilities that when they get free time, they only think about sleep, not sex.

It can help if you let each other sleep well during the shifts, and of course the help of family members or friends can be a great help, for example, in setting up the house or cooking warm food.

5. Hormones also play a role. Because when a woman breast-feeds, hormones take care of the woman to enjoy it and feel very satisfied from contact with her baby alone.

However, here, too, experts advise not to get caught up in love only with a child, you should also take care of partnerships and look at them in the long run.

Even if, immediately after the birth of a baby, a woman feels in love with her baby, just like a little girl who has been to a long-coveted doll, it is important not to lose a relationship with a man so that she has something to draw from.

Unfortunately, if sex is neglected for a long time, relationships can fall apart.

This is again because of hormones, because during sex is released dopamine and oxytocin.

Ideas For Sex When a Small Child is at Home

Couple kissing

Catch the Moment

There seems to be no time for sex at all? And in the evenings is time to sleep… But who said that only evenings are suitable for sex?

You can also fall in love after feeding at night or early in the morning, when the baby is asleep. This is a natural opportunity to indulge in spontaneity and, taking a moment, to use opportunities creatively.

The little one fell asleep on a blanket after dinner? Fall in love! Even if the baby is sleeping in your bed, the love of mom and dad right next to the baby will not hurt, on the contrary – if mom and dad feel good, the baby will feel better too.

Before and After

Remember that sex is not just a mechanical activity, sometimes actual sex is exactly what happens before and after. A warm touch of the hand, a gentle tweak at the bottom, a kiss behind the ear, just like passing by.

Falling in Love With Music

Falling in Love With Music

Sometimes sexual appetite can be regained by listening to music that was close and topical during falling in love. Perhaps a particularly nice and fond memory is evoked by a wedding dance, which can also be danced in the living room or even in the kitchen.

Write a Dear Letter

love letter

In the falling in love phase, everyone is usually pretty crazy about compliments, text messages and WhatsApp messages. When you live together, romantic messages become more and more economic messages about what to buy, what to do and what to remember..

Find the Nanny

This can also be a solution! You can talk to one of the grandmothers or a babysitter who takes a little day walk on a holiday when both parents are at home, but in the meantime you have time to stay together.

You can also do the opposite – invite your grandmother or babysitter home and go on a short or long trip together. And, by the way, when was the last time you had sex in the car?

Trip To a Sex Shop

Sounds more vulgar than it really is! Of course, you can also find more than spicy and even extreme things in stores that sell everything about and around sex, but there are quite a lot of things here for normal people as well.

For example, if you are shy about your body contours, you can buy sexy lingerie with loops and ruffles that will cover what you want to hide.

Here you can also buy lubricants and accessories for more pleasant sex. In addition, the service staff in these stores are usually not surprised by any issues related to sex, so we can safely leave their prejudices and embarrassment out.

6 Best ideas to spice up your sex life

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