How To Protect Yourself From Ticks

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How to protect yourself from ticks

Outdoor activities – walks on nature trails, forests – and active recreation are still the most accessible entertainment options.

Sometimes even a short work in the backyard garden is enough to overshadow the pleasure of a pleasant time with uninvited guests, namely ticks.

The best protection in this case is prevention.

Does the vaccine protect me?

The tick-borne encephalitis vaccine only protects against this infection, but does not protect against Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, so we should not underestimate the role of proper prevention.

In a survey conducted in 2020, 55 percent of respondents (total number of respondents – 210) who have been diagnosed with Lyme disease showed that it does not register them in the register of infectious diseases.

Carefully inspect your body and clothes

The most important thing is to reduce the risk of tick infiltration when going to nature. The first thing to start with is the right clothes.

The clothing should be such that covers almost the whole body, preferably in a light color, because it is easier to notice uninvited guests.

It is important to have a high and close-fitting collar and sleeves. If possible, stuff the ends of the pants in socks, put closed shoes on the feet.

For extra safety, you can use a spray to repel insects, including ticks.

Upon returning home, you must undress and examine your clothing and your entire body.

Besides the visual assessment, it is also worth using the touch – sliding your hands over your skin can easily touch suspicious formations that have not been before.

Ticks are most often absorbed in the armpits, around the ears, around the navel, in the hair, around the waist, in the groin – we should examine especially carefully these areas of the body after staying in the tick area.

Also remember pets can bring home that ticks or by yourself, for example, with flowers.

If you find a tick, it is important to remove it as soon as possible. Use a thread loop or tick tweezers for this purpose, but if you are not sure that it will work well on your own, you can go to the nearest medical institution.

Improper removal of the tick can compress it and its internal contents will end up in the bite wound, increasing the risk of disease.

Also, in no case should try to suffocate the mite by smearing butter or oil – tuxedo insect will inject even more toxins instead of a bite.

Follow your well-being

What to do next? If the tick is still alive, we recommend it to take it for safety. We also recommended it to monitor your health for the next few days.

A characteristic feature of Lyme disease is that around the place where the tick was infested, a red spot about the size of a two-euro coin appears during the day, but other symptoms, such as fever, may also occur later.

In encephalitis symptoms such as fever, headache and nausea may occur. In case of any suspicion or doubt, we recommend it to consult a family doctor.

Have a healthy and safe summer!

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