How Does The Hungover Affect Our Brain?

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How Does The Hangover Affect Our Brain?

Hungover Affect Our Brain

Everyone knows that they do not allow drunk driving. But what about the next day? Can I sit in the driver’s seat without grief in the morning after a stormy evening?

A new metadata analysis suggests that perhaps it shouldn’t be better, because alcohol seems to affect the brain for a long time, even when it’s no longer in the blood.

They published this analysis in the Addiction edition of 25 August 2018, and the main finding is that an extensive amount of alcohol the next day affects a person’s cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration, coordination and driving skills.

Obtained data reveal that a hangover can strongly affect both the ability to perform everyday activities, say, driving, and the ability to concentrate and remember for work.

Thinking After Drinking

We well know it that alcohol consumption can temporarily affect reasoning and coordination. While a person is intoxicated.

However, it is not entirely clear whether and to what extent alcohol affects cognitive abilities the next day when a person is hanged.

Research on this topic has yielded conflicting results. Data from 19 previous studies, totaling around 1,100 people, have now been analyzed.

All the studies tested people’s ability the day after heavy drinking, when their blood alcohol level had fallen below 0.02%.

In general, we can conclude it that hangovers had lower concentration, poorer memory and coordination than those who did not suffer from hangovers.

Some studies with a stimulation have tested your ability to drive and found that your ability to drink appears to have deteriorated.

Although many people think that in the morning after a fun night you can drive, it is very likely that alcohol will have effects on the body the next day, when it is no longer in the blood.

This means that further research is needed into the effects of alcohol on occupational safety and productivity.

Researchers believe that in many workplaces they forbid it to come under the influence, but this did not apply to the next day.

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