What Causes Hypertension? Causes and Symptoms

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hypertension and blood pressure

Hypertension is high blood pressure. Blood pressure provides the body with the oxygen and nutrients it needs. It depends on the strength of the heart, the heart rate, the amount of blood circulating and the condition of the blood vessels.

If the arteries are narrowed, inelastic – blood pressure rises. Two values are taken into account when measuring blood pressure: the highest, called systolic blood pressure, which describes

the blood pressure at the time the blood flows into the arteries, and the lowest, called diastolic blood pressure, which corresponds to the blood pressure between two heartbeats. Normal blood pressure for women and men of any age is 120/80 mmHg!

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure – above 140/90 mmHg – is one of the most important risk factors for cardiovascular disease. It can contribute to or cause coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction or stroke.

High blood pressure adversely affects the walls of blood vessels, promotes atherosclerosis, thus negatively affects the functions of important organs – myocardium, brain, kidneys, eyes.

Blood pressure does not depend on age or gender. Remember – healthy blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg even for the elderly! If you notice high blood pressure, please contact your family doctor and ask how to reduce it.

Measure Your Blood Pressure!

Blood pressure can be easily and quickly measured at home, in a pharmacy or at a GP. For home conditions, it is best to buy a semi-automatic or automatic digital device for measuring blood pressure at the upper arm level.

Make sure that the device has been tested in extensive clinical trials, which will guarantee greater accuracy. Ask your family doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Blood pressure should preferably be measured sitting or lying down in complete rest after at least five minutes of rest. The frequency of blood pressure measurements depends on your doctor’s recommendations.

How Often To  Measure Blood Pressure?

Patients with hypertension should have their blood pressure measured once or twice a week. However, if your doctor has changed your treatment, the pressure should be measured in the morning and in the evening.

If you are very worried about going to the doctor, measure your blood pressure at home and tell your doctor about the result of your measurement. Blood pressure may increase as a result of anxiety.

If the blood pressure changes by 10 – 15 mm / Hg during different measurements, do not worry! Blood pressure can fluctuate just like your heart rate. However, if it is elevated for a long time, then – ask your family doctor for help.

Causes and Treatment

The causes of high blood pressure can be pinpointed in about ten percent of cases, and include kidney, thyroid, and other diseases.

Finding the cause of hypertension can be treated very effectively. Other cases are treated not symptomatically, but symptomatically – with antihypertensive drugs.

Drug treatment of hypertension is possible only in case of successful cooperation between the patient and the doctor. The most important thing to keep in mind is that if your doctor has

diagnosed high blood pressure, you should take the medicine for the rest of your life, even if after a few weeks the complaint goes away and you do not feel dizzy. Discontinuation of medication is the biggest mistake a hypertensive patient can make.

What medicine is combined for a patient is the art of the doctor. In the case of hypertension, there is no single standard drug, but individual treatment. If the disease does not respond to treatment and the medicine does not help, you must tell your doctor immediately.

The patient must understand that the medicine may need to be changed, because the first time it is not always possible to create a combination that is exactly suitable and effective for the patient.

In terms of side effects, each group of medicines has its own side effects: the pressure or pulse may drop too much, nausea, headache or other allergic signs may occur. In this case, too, the medicine may need to be changed.

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