Iron Deficiency in the Body – Causes and Solutions

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Iron deficiency (low hemoglobin, ferritin) can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms:

  • loss of energy and weakness;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • palpitations and shortness of breath;
  • dry hair and skin;
  • hair loss;
  • frequent infections and illnesses;
  • icy hands and feet.

The symptoms are many and varied, and each individual needs their own approach to improve health.

In this article, read the most well-known physical and psychosomatic causes of anemia, and several ideas for raising iron levels through diet, supplements, consciousness.

Physical Causes


Physical Causes


Malnutrition is one of the most common physical causes of anemia.

Vegans, vegetarians who do not follow their diet and increased daily consumption of iron-containing products are at risk of anemia, as do those who eat a lot of offal, fast food, sweets, “empty” low-nutrition products and do not follow the quality of their diet , although meat is consumed daily.

Nutrition is the first basic rule to have the optimal amount of iron in the body – if we do not take it with food, it can fall over time and create a risk of anemia.

Athletes, pregnant women and people with pre-existing anemia should be given more thought on iron. Read about the diet and iron-containing products below.

Digestive Problems


  • various digestive problems;
  • diseases affecting the digestive tract;
  • various abdominal infections;
  • dysbacteriosis;
  • internal inflammations that cause small but chronic bleeding;

are all common – all of which can lead to low levels of iron in the body.

Digestive problems complicate the assimilation and absorption of iron – if the stomach does not work.

We do not fully digest food and can not absorb the existing iron, but if the intestines are affected (dysbacteriosis, candidiasis, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease), absorption of iron may be difficult.

Also, because of internal bleeding, iron is eliminated from the body. Everyone needs to look for the cause of their anemia in order to find solutions to improve their health.

Endometriosis, Difficult Menstruation

For women, iron is more relevant than for men, because of regular menstruation and pregnancy / childbirth,

but for a woman who eats a healthy, wholesome and conscious lifestyle, taking care of her health should not be a concern under normal circumstances.

However, if you have any of the above problems, menstruation every month is prolonged and severe, or a woman has endometriosis, which results in blood loss because of internal bleeding – it is recommended to consult a specialist to address the cause of the problem and think more seriously about your iron raising levels through diet and lifestyle.


During the waiting period, the body’s need for iron only increases, so it is important to monitor your feelings and, if necessary, also pass analyzes.


Pregnant women need to think more about their diet and supplement it with iron-containing products, listen to the body’s wishes, and sometimes we recommend it to use dietary supplements (see below).

However, in cases of iron deficiency during pregnancy, it is recommended to think about the psychosomatic causes and to be open and true to yourself whether the pregnancy has subconsciously caused any of the following psycho-emotional states.

Helicobacter Pylori Infection – a Lost Piece of the Puzzle

This is an often overlooked aspect for anemia. If you have low iron (perhaps not necessarily critically low to diagnose it as anemia), but you are one of those who think about a healthy diet, take dietary supplements, eat organic beef, beets and greens as much as possible.

And Nothing changes if, besides low iron levels, you are also affected by various digestive symptoms; it is probably worth investigating whether your body has multiplied by H. pylori bacteria.

Briefly about H. pylori bacteria – it is found in most people’s stomachs and often does not cause any discomfort, however, for some people this bacterium is activated and causes troublesome digestive (and other) symptoms.

H. pylori has adapted to living in the acidic environment of the stomach, it is able to change this environment to a more alkaline one by reducing the stomach acid, so one of the symptoms is decreased stomach acid, which manifests itself as:

  • stomach ache;
  • excessive belching;
  • digestion doesn’t work (feeling that food is standing in the stomach for hours);
  • burning;
  • bloating;
  • lack of appetite or decreased appetite;
  • nausea and unexplained nausea.

This bacterium is also able to penetrate the stomach wall, potentially causing the risk of gastric / duodenal ulcers. Other symptoms caused by this bacterium are:

  • Anemia (disrupts the stomach, affects the assimilation of iron in the body, and this bacterium uses iron in its metabolic processes);
  • Abdominal pain (especially at night when the stomach is completely empty);
  • Unexplainable weight loss;
  • Indigestion – reflux disease, dyspepsia, stomach ulcers, etc.;
  • In rare cases, cancer of the digestive system (adenocarcinoma, MALT lymphoma).

Therefore, if you have iron deficiency of undiagnosed origin, it is recommended to check for the presence of H. pylori, or take a course with natural supplements to prevent this bacterium (see the section on supplements below!)

Psychosomatic causes

As in all recent articles, I cannot fail to mention, in my opinion, the most important and true cause of health problems – the lesson of consciousness that illness entails.

Over the last year and a half, I have become convinced that no physical illness (including “innocent” trauma, “age” illness, “classic” pregnancy symptoms, etc.)

comes only for physical reasons, there is always a psychosomatic reason to look at and be aware that the disease will go away completely.

psychosomatic causes

Very often I hear people say – it stayed good for a while, and now everything is like before.

Similarly, something similar has been heard about anemia and insufficient iron in the body – everything was fine while I was taking iron pills, but when I stopped – everything was the same.

What emotional states indicate iron deficiency, anemia?

As always, the answer may be different, depending on the depth at which we want to solve the problem (emotional, psychological or karmic), but this problem, like all, has unifying guidelines that can help you find answers to your inner cause.

From my own experience, I summarized the main processes that cause iron deficiency –

  • disappearing joy;
  • lack of joy of life;
  • fear of rejoicing;
  • internal prohibition to rejoice in life;
  • fear of life;
  • feeling that I am not good enough;
  • “Yes-but” attitude – seeking excuses;
  • mourning from life;
  • illness as an excuse for one’s passivity (anemia is characterized by fatigue, weakness).

As I have mentioned in previous articles, these causes are not always visible to the naked eye, psychosomatics presupposes deepening of one’s subconscious, communication with what goes beyond the mind.

Therefore, in order to heal these processes in oneself, thorough and conscious work with oneself is required.

Maybe you realize that you have no joy in life, because at some point it just disappeared from your life, but with a simple “I will rejoice from this day” and positive affirmations will be far too little to solve the problem at its root.

Most often in this way we deceive ourselves even more, believing that the problem is solved – so to speak, we cover the table so as not to see the scratches.

My belief (and each has its own) is that without deep and conscious work with oneself (which often involves looking into one of the darkest lockers in the karmic world), a chronic physical health problem cannot be solved at its root.

However, if a person puts together both physical care for himself (diet, lifestyle, natural food supplements) and knowledge of his consciousness – a truly miraculous healing is possible.

How To Raise Iron Levels?

Nutrition – what to eat and what to avoid?

At a time when iron levels are low and it is necessary to think hard about raising it, it is recommended to include more products that contain iron,

as well as those that promote iron absorption, but also remember to avoid products that are better avoided until iron returns within the normal range.


Note on the difference between iron in animal and vegetable products – iron is better absorbed from animal products (trivalent (III) iron is absorbed about 30% better than divalent (II) iron in the plant kingdom),

so vegans and vegetarians need to think especially carefully about increase the inclusion of iron products in your diet, especially if you have any indigestion that may hinder the assimilation of iron from food.

Recommended products for increased use

Animal products (highly recommended for organic meat, especially organ meat) – duck, beef, lamb, turkey (darkest meat), pork (highly recommended to follow the quality), liver and other organ meat, eggs.

Seafood – oysters, squid, mussels, scallops, various fish – also contains small amounts of iron.

Legumes – large white beans, soybeans and tofu (preferably bio!), Lentils, red beans, Turkish peas, black beans, etc.

Greens – spinach, beets, kale, dandelion leaves, nettle leaves (cooked to reduce oxalates and promote iron assimilation in the body), parsley, onions, dill, kinza, and other greens.

Vegetables – beets, broccoli, Jerusalem artichokes, green vegetables – asparagus, snow beans, green beans, green peas, lettuce, etc.

Nuts and seeds (soaked and preferably then lightly roasted in a pan to promote iron assimilation) – pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pistachio nuts, cashew nuts, cedar nuts.

Dried fruits – apricots, plums, peaches, figs, raisins, apples, dates (it is recommended to soak dried fruits in water before use until softened).

Cereals (containing relatively little iron) – quinoa, rice, bulgur, buckwheat, millet.

Others – cocoa without additives and high-quality dark chocolate, spirulina, apples (dried apples and the variety “Antonovka” in particular!), Pomegranates.

It is highly recommended to increase the use of vitamin C-containing products to enhance the body’s ability to absorb iron – a variety of fruits and berries, various citrus dressings (lemon with seafood and steak), greens, as well as vitamin C in capsule form before eating iron-containing products. 

Products to avoid during the period when iron intake is promoted

  •  Coffee, black tea and other caffeinated beverages;
  • Calcium-containing products and food supplements (do not take with meals with iron-containing products!);
  • Dairy products (both due to the mucus-producing effect and due to potentially irritating milk proteins to the digestive system);
  • Sugar, sweets, snacks – it is recommended to choose natural alternatives and avoid conventional sweets, which can affect the body’s inflammatory processes, insulin resistance and digestive health.


Nowadays, diet alone is not enough to absorb everything the body needs daily – both because of the lack of urgency and time (read – priorities), but also because of the quality of products and their naturally reduced nutritional value.

I am ABOUT nutritional supplements that are high quality, thoughtful and effective – there are fewer than those that do not benefit the body at all.

Therefore, nutritional supplements must always be purchased wisely, going into the company’s philosophy and values, and the composition and quality of the product.

Here I have compiled various supplements for raising iron levels, which I consider to be good and effective, but it is my subjective opinion and experience of using them.

However, everyone must look for their own product, which they trust and which the body accepts best.

Chela Ferr – iron amino acid in the form of chelate

Amino acid chelates are one of the most effective mineral compounds, which are easily assimilated and are well tolerated and used by the body.

Chela-Ferr products are considered to be the latest generation of organic iron preparations, and there is no denying that I think they are actually much more effective and better assimilable than other iron supplements.

They contain FERROCHEL® – a patented, effective form of iron (iron bisglycinate), which is combined with folic acid, vitamins C, B6 and B12 to support the maintenance of normal iron levels and reduce iron deficiency in:

  • pregnant women;
  • children from 3 years of age;
  • athletes;
  • vegetarians;
  • blood donors and others.

There are 3 different products – Chela-Ferr Med + (150mg), Chela-Ferr Bioactiv complex (70mg) and Chela-Ferr Forte (140mg).

The last two differ only in the amount of iron, but Chela-Ferr Med + does not contain additional folic acid and vitamins, so contains only high doses of iron bisglycinate.

Olimp Labs also produces other chelating supplements, such as Magnesium.

Fitobalt “BetaVuSan” – the best of beet juice known to science!

Until now, I had almost seen Fitobalt products on the shelves of pharmacies and some stores without going into the content of these products, but some time ago I had a great opportunity to get acquainted with this company.

I visited Fitobalt’s team at the Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technologies, where I was shown not only the factory, but also the scientific “back” of each product,

research, the company’s approach to product quality – and I was surprised that I didn’t know how much Substantial supplements are produced by our own wise minds. Each Fitobalt product developed was dedicated to 1.5-9 years of laboratory work.

5 years ago, scientists from the Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technologies undertook to find out the question: does red beet juice influence blood composition and the functioning of the cardiovascular system?

As is known, table beets contain not only useful, but also substances that cause adverse reactions – nausea, vomiting, etc. (so do not drink freshly squeezed juice, especially in large quantities!).

Scientists studied 11 varieties of red beets, conducted many experiments, which resulted in the development and patenting of a unique technology for the separation of beet juice into fractions using semi-permeable membranes.

I managed to get a product that resembles beet juice in color and taste, has no unwanted side effects, but is 25 times more effective than beet juice!

A six-year research project created a unique product, BetaVuSan, which has a low iron content but activates the transfer of iron ions from the gut to the blood.

In this respect, the product has no analogues or competitors.

We recommend this product for anemia – adolescents, adults (especially women, including pregnant women and nursing mothers), the elderly, ischemic heart and other organs, vasoconstriction in the extremities, if there is a tendency to constipation.

BetaVuSan dilates capillaries, thus promoting blood circulation and oxygen / nutrient supply to cells. Therefore, the product strongly promotes physical endurance (athletes, seniors).

The product is suitable for diabetics because it reduces the risks of gangrene, blindness and kidney failure (because it stimulates blood circulation in organs and tissues).

Studies show that in oncology patients in stage 3, hemoglobin rises in the blood, which is very difficult to achieve with other methods.

  • Improves the absorption of iron in the intestinal tract;
  • Increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood;
  • Dilates blood vessels by improving blood circulation;
  • Enhances the supply of oxygen to all organs and tissues, ensuring their improvement;
  • Normalizes the function of the intestinal tract;
  • Increases overall tone of life, ability to work and well-being.

Usage: we recommend it to use the product for a long time as courses – 50 ml per day per month, a break for a month. I myself choose to mix this product with some natural juice (which contains iron, read below) for a more pleasant taste.

In the package: 6pcs x 50ml

No added sugar. Contains natural sugar. We can use the product with diabetes.

More information at

The only downside I’ve noticed to these Fitobalt products is the amount of packaging that has to be discarded after use – 6 plastic vials in each product box.

I have already informed the company about this environmental factor and it is in their interest to improve the “environmental friendliness” of their packaging in the future.

Antihelicon – when anemia is accompanied by digestive problems

Continuing from the products of the Fitobalt company, I would like to highlight their 8-year-old Antihelikon, which has a unique effect on the digestive system.

As mentioned above, digestive problems and H. pylori bacteria can be a cause of anemia, so if low iron levels in your case are accompanied by indigestion, Antihelikon may be the key to the body’s recovery.

It contains a patented mixture of plants –

  • quince juice;
  • chokeberry juice;
  • cranberry juice;
  • green tea extract;
  • apple cake water extract;
  • calamus root water extract.

Antihelicon is a natural and tasty way to get rid of Helicobacter pylori infection and improve overall health.

This preparation significantly improves the function of the stomach, promotes appetite and digestive processes, reduces excessive belching (caused by the activity of a slender stomach), and allows for a much better assimilation of iron-containing products.

In my experience, this product is a great helper and support for digestive activity, and it tastes like a rich jam!

Usage: 1 tablespoon (30g) 3 times a day. For children – 1 dessert spoon 3 times a day. The recommended course duration is at least 2-3 weeks.

Iron juices and liquid iron additives

Several iron preparations are available in pharmacies in liquid form, with a very good composition of plant extracts, for example Floradix and Ferromax Strong, both of which contain nettle extracts and various other plant extracts and vitamins.

These iron supplements do not cause constipation, as most iron supplements do (that’s why the quality of the product is so important!).

The more natural food supplements we choose, the more properly the body will be able to assimilate them, so I really like these liquid iron tonics, which contain plant extracts that help the body’s blood production.

I must say that I have not used them for a long time to be able to comment on the long-term effect on the body, but the taste is good and therefore the use is more pleasant!

Pomegranate juice (cold pressed, in a glass bottle) is also available in stores (both eco and supermarkets), which is a precious hematopoietic product.

It would also be advisable to eat pomegranates themselves if you need to speed up your iron intake.

Pomegranate is a rich source of vitamin C, and nature has taken care to show us in front of whom this fruit is useful – red seeds resemble red blood cells in our bloodstream.

Higher Nature – closer to nature, more understandable to the body!

I have known the Higher Nature brand since my studies in London, where a lecturer spoke about the development of the company’s philosophy and composition, as she worked as a consultant on nutrient / plant combinations.

The key to these nutrients is the TRUE FOOD® form of nutritional supplements, which allows the body to recognize them as food.

Most supplements contain isolated (often – synthetic) vitamins and minerals rather than the complex forms in which we ingest them – making it much harder for our body to assimilate.

TRUE FOOD® series nutritional supplements are created by fermenting vitamins and minerals in food yeast together with papaya and pineapple enzymes, thus combining them with the organic complexes in which we find them in food.

In addition, the fermentation process also breaks down the protein in the walls of yeast cells, thus neutralizing its ability to cause allergic reactions.

Therefore, Higher Nature supplements from the TRUE FOOD® series will contain lower concentrations of active substances (in this case iron), but their assimilation in the body will be more effective – explains the philosophy of this patent.

(This product contains 5 mg of iron / 1 capsule, the recommended dose for women is 2-4 capsules per day)

Phyto Vitamins – a natural form of iron with vitamin C!

Phyto Vitamins is a preparation similar to the above which is based on the same principle – the more natural, the better!

This product, EISEN & VITAMIN C COMPLEX, contains 100% natural plant iron derived from curry leaves and 100% natural plant vitamin C derived from Indian gooseberry or amla.

The iron in this complex is added as curry tree leaf extract, so the body is additionally supplied with secondary substances that support the effect of iron.

We use Curry tree leaves as a spice in India, while Indian gooseberry or amla is a traditional Ayurvedic plant that is one of the richest sources of vitamin C in nature.

I have not tried this preparation myself yet, but I am familiar with its composition and quality, so it would definitely be next on my list.

This product contains a little more iron – 2 capsules, the recommended daily dose is 14mg of iron and 80mg of vitamin C.

Nettle Seeds

Nettle has long been used for various ailments, and as a preventive measure – for arthritis pain and anemia, spring weakness, malnutrition and other cases.

Nettle is boiled in both soups and baths, but we consider the seeds the most valuable for hematopoiesis.

We believe it that nettle seeds “nourish the blood” and significantly improve blood composition (significantly increasing the iron reserves – ferritin), which I have observed in my practice.

The recipe is very simple- teaspoon. nettle seeds + ½ tsp. honey 3 times a day! Use for at least 2-3 months.

In case of higher iron deficiency, the dose should be increased, but in such cases we recommend it to consult a specialist first.

Other Ideas

In order to additionally support the body and help it increase iron levels, we recommend it to pay attention to the digestive tract – eat slowly and chew thoroughly, use probiotic bacteria, fiber, which provides bowel movements.

Chlorophyll is the blood of plants, it can help cleanse the body and improve our own hematopoietic function. Iron should definitely not be forgotten about vitamin C – it should be taken more intensely every day!

The Bottom Line

To effectively help your body increase iron reserves, you need to determine the physical and psycho-emotional cause.

Depending on the reason, choose the appropriate approach – both physical and mental, and change your eating habits, and include the appropriate food supplements that would be more appropriate for your case!

Each person is unique, and everyone needs an individual approach and resources, so only you will be able to feel what your body needs most and can help the best.

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