Male Condom – Most Popular Contraception Method In The WOrld

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One of the most popular and simplest methods of contraception is a male condom, which is placed on a man’s penis in an erect position before each intercourse.

How does a condom work

At the closed end of the condom is a small reservoir that collects sperm that leaks out during ejaculation.

Thus, the condom serves as a physical barrier that prevents sperm from entering a woman’s body.

A condom is the only method of contraception that protects against sexually transmitted diseases.

Sometimes women or men are allergic to latex, which is the basis of rubber products.

In such cases, we should request condoms that are made of polyurethane and do not contain latex at the pharmacy. They will not cause an allergic reaction.

Proper condom use

Condoms are undeniably a popular method of protection because of their easy availability and ease of use.

However, we must remember that they only provide safe protection if used correctly, without excluding the risk that something may not go as intended.

Most people choose to rely on the security offered by this simple contraception when engaging in sexual intercourse. However, significant mistakes in using condoms are often overlooked.

Common mistakes and risk factors when using condoms

  • An expired condom is used.
  • Sharp objects or teeth are used to open the package.
  • Oily lubricants are used during sexual intercourse, which can damage the rubber of the condom.
  • The condom is put on too late or removed too quickly.
  • No air is expelled from the tip of the condom before it is put on, leaving no room for sperm.
  • An inappropriate condom is being used.


The safety of contraceptive methods is usually defined by the Raymond Pearl Index, which shows how many women out of 100 (sexually active, of childbearing age) in a year using the respective method of contraception have become pregnant.

For condoms as a method of contraception, this index is 15, so on average, 15% of women who use condoms face the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy.

In contrast, if condoms are used correctly, this index is significantly lower – two cases of unwanted pregnancies per 100.

The Bottom Line

Proper use of condoms significantly reduces the chances of getting pregnant. And yet, risks such as condom breakage or slipping can never be completely ruled out.

In this case, you can avoid the risk of unwanted pregnancy or abortion by using emergency contraception, which is available in pharmacies without a prescription.

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