Medical Insemination From Experience

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There is nothing artificial about medical insemination.

Linda is a mother of two. The road to the first child was quite long. For 3.5 years, the couple tried to get on their own. It failed, so it was decided in favor of medical insemination.

The procedure proved successful, and 9 months later, their daughter Elizabeth was born, who recently celebrated her 3rd birthday. Well, Elizabeth already has a brother.

Markus, now 1.5 years old, surprised his parents, because he applied himself, without the help of doctors.

The analysis disappoints

When we started living together, we were no longer young. I was 27 years old, but he was already over 30. We both wanted a family to grow up, so we didn’t protect ourselves.

However, apart from regular sex, there was no pregnancy in three years. The couple performed analyzes, and it turned out that the sperm concentration in the sperm was very low.

We introduced special medications to improve fertility, but they did not produce the expected results.

Although we still had doubts about the correctness of the decision, we applied to the queue for state-paid medical insemination services.

The decisive decision

It had been about a year since he called the clinic and invited him to come to the procedure.

All these years I had relied on fate, hoping that what should happen would happen, but in the end I had to decide whether to keep waiting or take responsibility in my hands and take action.

The man looked at everything much more rationally, but I needed confidence that I would not interfere in the plans of the universe.

The awareness helped the decisive decision that medical insemination is no longer the creation of an artificial child. It’s the same as my husband’s child. Only the doctors have helped our cells meet.

Hormone injections and fear of the unknown

Hormone injections had to be given daily for two weeks before medical fertilization to stimulate egg growth.

Because Linda was emotional and irritable by nature, she feared hormonal fluctuations would not push her out of balance at all, but it didn’t. The feeling was the same as usual.

In the first days after the procedure, there was little concern about whether everything would go as it should, but I soon gained confidence and inner peace. The baby took root successfully, and the further course of the pregnancy was successful and without nausea. Elizabeth was born in water, on the exact date that was set. It was my happiest day in my life, and I have never regretted agreeing to medical insemination.

Brother’s application

When Elizabeth was 9 months old, I found out I was pregnant. It was a pleasant surprise for both of us. Apparently, some processes were set in motion and the second pregnancy could occur without external intervention. Comparing the two pregnancies, I can say that they went quite similarly. Even looking at my children, I do not see any difference in development. Children as children.

Linda is currently planning her third child and hopes that she will apply herself. But if not, she would be ready to go through the process of medical fertilization again.

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