Why Millennials Don’t Like Talking On The Phone

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Millennials don’t like talking on the phone

Each generation has its own strangeness. Millennials, for example, avoid answering phone calls. Don’t take it personally, experts explain why they answer your phone calls via SMS.

For generational differences, the Millennials are the first generation to dislike talking on the phone.

There have always been people who have avoided telephone communication, and there may be various reasons and explanations, such as human shyness or introversion.

But today’s millennials give a completely different explanation for this habit. They include people born between 1981 and 1996 in the millennial or millennial generation.

Forbes.com writes it is the first generation to grow up with the Internet, while the last generation that did not need the Internet in their childhood as much as those born after 2000.

They seem to be in the middle between their older generation, who learned the Internet as adults, and those born in this millennium, who can no longer imagine their lives without the Internet.

It is possible that the Internet and technology have influenced millennial telephone usage patterns.

The phone call must be answered immediately!

The phone call must be answered immediately!

Unlike email, SMS or other messages, we must answer immediately a phone call.

Millennials value their time much more than a generation before them, so sometimes they refuse to answer a phone call if they feel sad, sad, tired or just don’t want to talk.

Meanwhile, emails or SMS can be answered when there is a desire and opportunity.

Calls are not as important as they may seem

Millennials have grown up with technology, so they are the ones who, after long and unproductive meetings, burst at themselves that it was possible to solve it throughout a couple of e-mails.

One of the ministry’s commandments in the work environment is this: if e-mail can resolve it, e-mail must resolve it.

Don’t expect them to enjoy business meetings or gatherings! Send an e-mail with his job responsibilities and wait for the result!


Millennials have grown up with technology. They had their own e-mail or social network profile already in elementary school, but the first mobile phone at the same time with their parents.

Therefore, they prefer SMS, e-mail or other written communication to clarify various issues, because they are simply used to it.


Millennials are a generation that meets friends online, who shop online, who also meet friends online. It accustomed them to remote intimacy and consider the phone call to be something very personal.

This confuses many of them, makes them feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

So if you see your calls are being ignored and they are often suspiciously answered with an SMS that “I couldn’t talk at the time”, you know you are dealing with a millennial who will prefer printed rather than verbal communication.

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