The Most Common Scalp Diseases – Causes and Treatment

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Most common scalp diseases

Persistent itching, hair loss and dandruff not only cause discomfort, but can be a serious threat to human health. And the use of a special shampoo will not always be enough to treat them.


Dandruff can have several causes, because it is very important to understand the actual cause of dandruff first and only then start treatment.

Prolonged failure to wash the scalp can be one cause of dandruff. The old horn-shaped cells are constantly peeling off the surface of the scalp.

This process occurs throughout the skin of the body, but in the scalp, our hair keeps old cells, so these old cells accumulate there.


And if a person has not washed his head for a week or two, the old cells of the stratum corneum will already form flakes, which over time will fall on the shoulders.

Seborrheic dermatitis is a condition in which the sebaceous gland at the root of each hair normally produces sebum, the primary function of which is to protect the skin from various microorganisms and maintain a normal pH level, this sebum is no longer produced as it should.

If there is a change in the quality of sebum, such as the fatty acids in sebum, it does not suddenly break down into short fragments, but leaves long-chain fatty acids on the skin, which can form flakes around the hair shaft.

Also, long-chain fatty acids can trigger an immune response and cause inflammation around the hair.

Inflammations can also be various, such as the disease Lichen planus damages not only the skin but also the stem cells of the hair root, because of which the hair can never regenerate and even scarred alopecia can develop.

Changes in the sebum’s composition can also cause dandruff that occur when a person smokes, is under constant stress or washes the scalp with an inappropriate shampoo.

The easiest way to fight dandruff is to go to the nearest pharmacy and buy a shampoo that will prevent dandruff.

In such cases, we do not recommend the use of shampoos intended to treat head fungi, because in this way we accustom the disease-causing or pathogenic fungi to the preparation, and the sensitivity of the fungus to it will disappear.

If it afflicted the scalp with Soborean dermatitis or pimples, consult a doctor – hair specialist, family doctor or dermatologist.


We associate psoriasis with the improper regulation or dysregulation of the immune system in tissues.

Horn-shaped cells normally change in about 24 to 30 days, but in psoriasis, cell division speeds up and has already reached the top of the skin in about four to five days from the basal layer.

As a result, living (rather than horny, nucleated cells) have entered the surface of the skin, which thus cannot perform the skin’s protective functions.

If areas with such cells form on the surface of the skin, our body tries to protect itself as much as possible – white, silver scales around the lesion began, which aims to protect the living skin from the risk of infection and trauma.


It is important to treat psoriasis under the supervision of a dermatologist, and it is necessary to reduce the dysregulation of the immune system with medication during treatment.

If psoriasis is treated in a timely and correct manner, the symptoms can be reduced, but the treatment process can sometimes take months and even years.

Formations on the scalp

We often come across various formations of the scalp – papillomas, neoplasms, birthmarks and, unfortunately, very often, especially in the elderly, we also see malignancies in the head, including basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

We remind you that in 70 percent of cases skin problems arise directly from ultraviolet radiation – tumors, pigmentation and other formations in the scalp.

Be sure to remember to wear hats and other headgear, as well as sunscreen. This is especially important for people who have thin hair or baldness.

Fungal skin diseases

Fungal infections of the skin can cause the scalp to be covered with flakes or dandruff. In children, fungal infections of the skin are very common with hair loss, flaking and inflammation.

Adults often suffer from chronic forms. There are different skin fungi. For example, Malassezia, which usually causes dandruff.

However, there are also fungi that are more dangerous to human health, such as trichophytia and microsporia, which can contribute to a gradual deterioration of hair quality in the long run.

It is for this reason that it is important to diagnose and prevent cutaneous fungi in time, because often people do not know that such skin diseases can affect them – a person loses hair and sometimes scalps, but he considers this to be the norm.

Fungal infections are most commonly acquired from other people in swimming pools, saunas or gyms, and can also be obtained from pets.

It is very important not to use other people’s comb, because this is also a way to get various scalp diseases.

We can use special shampoos for treatment, and most often you will also have to use oral medications, because the shampoo will not reach and cure the hair root, so the fungal infection will be only partially cured.


The Covid-19 virus has caused a hard life for lice, as children and parents mostly lived at home, which makes it difficult to reproduce.

However, when school life resumes and children meet again on the school bench after the summer holidays, lice are a common problem.

In such situations it is unnecessary to look for the culprits who brought the lice to school, but to solve the problem – to turn to the class teacher and start treatment for both students and parents.

There are several methods available for treatment – you can use products that contain permethrin, as well as a wide range of special shampoos available in pharmacies.

An effective way to get rid of lice is to suffocate them – lubricate the hair with a good layer of conditioner, wrap a towel around the hair and after a few hours wash your hair.

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