Tips For Proper Nail and Hand Skin Care at Home

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Nail and Hand Skin Care at Home

If you do not want to visit a beauty salon regularly, you can create a manicure yourself. The chief thing is to follow the correct principles of hand and nail care, so as not to accidentally hurt yourself.

For hand skin care, it is necessary to pay as much attention as we pay for facial skin care.

It is important to use a hand cream specifically for the skin type of your hands, not a cream that is used daily for face or body care.

It is also necessary to use a hand scrub two or three times a week to clean the skin.

Which nail file is most suitable?

We adjust the length and shape of the nail with a file. Adjusting the length of the nails with the help of manicure scissors will only damage the nail plate – it will crack.

Using a nail file, trim the desired shape and length of the nail, always leaving at least half a millimeter wide white nail line.

The chief thing that the file used is for natural nails. The optimal file abrasion or roughness is 180 grits on one side, and 240 grits on the other.

Which nail file is most suitable

During filing, we should hold the file at a 90-degree angle to the nail plate, and if the nails split, filing should be done in one direction only, such as from right to left.

Cuticles are treated at home only with the oil intended for them, which moisturizes and reduces their growth.

We recommend it to entrust the cutting and maintenance of the cuticle at least once a month to manicure masters, because at home it is possible to damage the nail root by performing incorrect actions.

Regular care of hands and nails eliminates the well-known problem – the formation of cuticles.

However, if the cuticles have already formed, they should never be torn or pulled off the skin, but carefully cut with pliers or manicure scissors.

Also, do not cut the cuticles too deep, as this can lead to inflammation.

To make your nails look shiny and healthy

We can achieve shiny and healthy nail appearance in two ways – by polishing nails or applying transparent varnish.

At home, we recommend it to use the second type, which is less traumatic for nails, because by polishing the nails yourself and performing incorrect movements, it is possible to injure the nail plate.

If the nails become brittle and weak after an unsuccessful removal of manicure or gel polish, we recommend it to use a special nail strengthening agent.

To make your nails look shiny and healthy

For the product to be effective, it is necessary to apply an additional layer every day, and after five days we renew the coating by removing the applied layer with a nail polish remover, and then applying the fixing agent again.

However, if the brittleness and weakness of the nails did not occur after the manicure or gel polish removal procedure, go to your doctor or dermatologist to find out how to improve the condition of the nails.

How to achieve perfect coloring?

If you want to apply colored nail polishes at home, be prepared that this procedure will take at least an hour of your time.

Be sure to use only fresh nail polishes – old and hardened varnishes will be much harder to apply, and the drying process will take much longer.

First, apply the base of the nail polish to the nail – a transparent coating that will protect the nail from the harmful components of colored nail polish, as well as help to apply the following coats of varnish evenly.

Before applying each subsequent coat, it is necessary to wait until the applied coat of varnish dries. Finally, apply a top coat of nail polish to give the nails a shine.

When all coats are applied, you can spray a special agent that will speed up the drying of nail polish.

Remove dirt with orange stick

You can use both acetone-containing and acetone-free removers to remove nail polish, but consider that an acetone-free remover will be safer for nails.

If dirt has accumulated under the nail during garden work, washing your hands with soap can help with a manicure sponge, which will help remove dirt.

If a manicure sponge is not enough, we can remove the remaining dirt with an orange stick.

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