6 Excellent Practices for Awareness Training: Take Charge of Your Life

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Practices for Awareness Training

Understanding and accepting that choices about how we live our lives, how we look at what is happening are in our own hands – it takes courage.

Of course, it is easier to blame others for their failures – the government, the crisis, the circumstances, other people.

Often they are also parents who cultivate such an example in the family.

But how about taking life into your own hands, take responsibility and build it on your own, not based on circumstances and other people?

For example, ask yourself a question every morning:

  • What will my day be like?
  • Will I let someone damage it?
  • What is the purpose of my life, the dream, where do I want to go?
  • What can I do for it today and tomorrow, despite the circumstances?
  • Do I want to learn something new or stay where I am?
  • Do I want to please someone, including myself, or do I prefer to stay annoyed and negative?


Our best motivation is a mirror. The morning begins with a look in the mirror and an internal conversation.

Do I live up to my values? Do I do what I like? Can I be proud of myself? Am I who I am, able to please and inspire others – my family, relatives, friends?


With a flashlight on, you can definitely find something beautiful in any dark nest! Maybe it’s a small photo, a beautiful vase, an excellent book.

With such a principle, we recommend looking more broadly. In our thoughts we can turn the flashlight at ourselves, seeing in ourselves the excellent qualities, talents.

Or focus it on other people, on situations – look for the positive, solutions, opportunities.


Human relationships are like a magnet – you either pull or repel. There is no “middle” position. Pay attention to your manifestations – whether you attract people or reject people.

Who will I want to be with my family – classmates, colleagues – after the crisis? One that attracts or one that repels? Maybe I can start doing something about it now?


The balloon can only fly when inflated. Empty, it falls to the ground. People are similar – they need energy to live and have fun.

We can give it to others, but we can also take it away. What do you choose to be an energy giver or receiver?

Courage to Care

What good can I do for my fellow human beings? Can I take the lead and unite the class, helping those who are not feeling well, who are not in training, or who lack encouragement?

Maybe it is worth preparing a plan for what we will do when the crisis is over! During this time, I invite young people to think about relatives – parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, relatives.

Maybe their workload is higher now than the young people themselves, because they have to think about living, providing for the family.

Maybe we can cheer them up with videos, drawings, wishes, phone calls, help at home?

The Courage to Say NO

By saying NO, opens up a bigger area where you can express YES. By giving up things that harm us on the way to a goal, we gain time and energy for what leads us there.

We urge to be brave – to say NO to something for an hour, a day or a week at the beginning and watch the habits, daily routine, our time and life change.

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