20 Tips to Protect Your Health

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20 Tips to Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

Some valuable daily habits can help you successfully avoid illness.

Start Taking Vitamin D

We know it that in nature we get vitamin D from the sun. As we can catch the sun less and less in winter, it is wise to buy this vitamin as capsules or oil to continue taking it – it will improve well-being and strengthen the immune system.

Don’t Sneeze in the Palms – Sneeze in the Elbow

If you sneeze your hands with your palms, the microbes will reach all the surfaces you will then touch. Therefore, use a napkin or a bent arm.

Remember Healthy Supplements

A source of vitamins should be added to the meal or drink. Add lemon to tea or water, porridge for breakfast – seasonal fruits.

Trim Your Nails

We rarely think about it, but very often there are germs behind the nails that can cause diseases. There is no need for scientific evidence to suggest that contact with the eyes, mouth, nose and other areas of the body is very common in human habits.

Remember Physical Activity

Although We want to sit under a blanket in cold and dark weather, we also need to move because of Our immunity, health and well-being. If you do not want to attend a workout or gym, provide clothing and go for a run or take long walks in the fresh air.

Stop Touching Your Face

There are many microbes on your hands and they do not need to come into contact with your face, mouth and eyes. However, daily, we do not notice how often we touch the face unnecessarily. Start paying attention to it and stop this habit.

Start Eating Ginger

It is a great antioxidant and immune booster – put slices of it in tea, grate it on bread and add to warm meals to give sharpness and a dose of vitamins.

Clean the Surface of the Phone

Every day you touch it with your hands, which are not always clean, and put them on surfaces that are really not clean. And then put the phone near your face. Doesn’t sound like too clean a combination, does it? Therefore, it is important to clean the phone daily with dedicated wipes.

Don’t Start a Strict Diet

A winter diet is a terrible idea, especially if it is a very low-fat diet. In order for the human immune system to perform its function normally, the body needs a balanced amount of fiber.

Overeating is also not good, because excessive fat suppresses the immune system, but too much sugar intake will contribute to obesity.

The best diet: Don’t skip breakfast without three more meals a day, which contains carbohydrates, protein and a significant amount of fruit and vegetables.

Less Stress, More Meditation

If you felt that the nerves are no longer holding, go for a short walk, breathe fresh air or even do some exercises.

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin have found that people who practice meditation have a 76% lower risk of getting sick than others. Find the most pleasant way to relax and unwind from everyday stress for a while.

Remember To Sleep

We need sufficient sleep for better well-being and stronger immunity. You can definitely rearrange your daily schedule so you can get extra sleep time.

Ventilate All Rooms in Which You Are Located

It is important to ventilate the premises at least twice a day, both at home and at work. If someone who is ill stays in one of these places, of course, it is necessary to ventilate more often.

Wash Your Hands a Lot and Thoroughly

Think about how many things are touched by many others daily. Therefore, hands should be washed several times at work, and we should also remember proper hand hygiene at home.

A Convenient Way to Ensure Clean Hands – Hand Antibacterial Agent

In the store, they are available in convenient, small bottles that you can take with you and disinfect your hands before eating out, after visiting public places.

Drink Lots of Water

It will also strengthen your immune system.

Eat Seasonal Vegetables

They will be both good and affordable and will provide a good dose of vitamins.

Buy Juice Extractor

Your immune system needs vitamin C, and a great way to get it is citrus juices. 

If Possible, Avoid Public Places

This does not mean not going to work during the darkest part of the year, but when many are ill, it is important to consider whether there are alternatives, such as sitting in full transport. It is better to dress warmly and measure the path with your feet.

If You Can, Wash Your Hands After Shaking – the Sooner the Better

Because you don’t know how many germs there are in other people’s hands.

If You Feel That a Cold is Approaching or You Are Already Ill, Stay Home as Much as Possible

When you go to work, you not only endanger the health of your colleagues but also make the recovery process more difficult for your body – you need rest to recover. Because of stress and activities, viruses and bacteria stay with you longer.

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