Rehabilitation After COVID-19: How To Recover Faster After Covid-19

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Health, Selfcare

rehabilitation after covid 19

Rehabilitation After Covid-19

The treatment process for Covid-19 does not always end with a negative test after the virus has broken out.

  • Shortness of breath,
  • anxiety,
  • weakness,
  • and a wide range of cognitive impairment are just some complaints that patients may have for a long time after developing Covid-19.

Even every second Covid-19 patient experiences this. Learn how to recover health faster and what to do to prevent unpleasant complaints from progressing into other dangerous harms. Find out in this article!

In our work with patients, we have noticed that Covid-19 is a rather insidious disease, which during and after the disease affects the patient’s weakest point – thus exacerbating various chronic ailments, as well as manifest health problems that a person previously had and didn’t know.


  • Shortness of breath;
  • Dyspnoea and breathing problems – some patients have developed varying degrees of damage to the lung tissue because of coronavirus disease, and may develop asthma even though they have not had it before;
  • Prolonged weakness,
  • Muscle weakness,
  • Apathy;
  • Impaired or lost sense of smell;
  • Insomnia;
  • Cough;
  • Cognitive disorders;
  • Anxiety,
  • Increased stress;
  • and even neurological defects, such as impaired consciousness.

Attention! One of the most dangerous complaints, both during and after the active phase of Covid-19, is the increased risk of blood clots, which increases the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke.


  • Sudden shortness of breath occurs if we have not observed it before;
  • Swollen, hot and painful one leg or arm.

Both symptoms may show a blood clot in the lungs or leg that is blocking a blood vessel.

Pulmonary thromboembolism, or blockage of the pulmonary arteries, is dangerous and requires immediate medical attention.


Physicians’ observations suggest that various complaints after developing Covid-19 may persist for an average of two to six months or longer.

In addition, several complaints, if left unaddressed, progress, such as the development of asthma as respiratory disorders.

The situation is similar to mental and nervous system disorders, such as anxiety, panic or insomnia, complaints that are difficult for the patient to overcome without the intervention of a doctor.

Take note! Prolonged health complaints may also occur after asymptomatic coronavirus disease, ie asymptomatic Covid-19 disease.


After overcoming the disease, the body needs time to recover.

However, if the complaints do not go away within two to four weeks, we must not ignore them: knowledgeable doctors and targeted rehabilitation can help restore a faster quality of life and health.

Currently, patients are offered a post-Covid-19 rehabilitation program. They based it on the work of a multidisciplinary team of doctors and specialists to assess the condition of all body systems and find the most appropriate and effective recovery program for the patient.

Treatment starts with a patient’s visit to a GP or internal medicine doctor, during which the doctor asks you about the severity and symptoms of Covid-19 and has the necessary tests, such as blood tests or lung tests.

Then, depending on the patient’s complaints, the specialists – pulmonologist, neurologist, physiotherapist and others – are involved, as well as an appropriate rehabilitation program, such as breathing exercises, massages, physiotherapy or therapeutic exercises under the supervision of a physiotherapist.


Any disease in the human body is a great stress, so after the disease we recommend exercising moderation, allowing the body to recover and recover.

We recommend it to take vitamins, complete nutrition and fluid intake both during and after illness:

  • Complete and balanced intake of food and fluid – doctors recommend absorbing at least 2-2.5 liters of fluid both during illness and then during the day. A balanced diet is also important, which it is important not to give up during illness;
  • Vitamins and minerals will help the body regenerate and strengthen the immune system – both the products sold in pharmacies and the vitamins we take with fresh fruits and vegetables will be useful.
  • Vitamins D and C, as well as selenium and zinc, are important for strengthening weakened immunity;
  • Regular walks – Although fatigue and fatigue are one of the most common complaints of patients after developing Covid-19, regular walks should be designed gradually, starting with a very short 10-15 minute walk in the fresh air. This will not only benefit the respiratory system and heart health, but will help to regain physical shape and a more alert mood;
  • Moderate physical activity: Exercise is a way to regain health and well-being after any illness, but doctors’ observations show that many Covid-19 patients continue to have severe muscle weakness and weakness for a long time after the illness. In such cases, the body must be listened to and not overloaded – if it is too difficult, do something physically less active or for a shorter time.


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