What Can Be Done Today To Make The Relationship Harmonious In The Long Run?

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Relationship harmonious – what does it mean?

We sometimes compare partnerships to a garden – it takes time and effort to make it golden and prosperous.

Also in cohabitation, because only on both “gardeners” will depend on how fulfilled and happy the relationship will be.

This time we look at several suggestions that couples can make today to make getting together more fun and satisfying.

Take time for fun and hugs

Common activities that amuse and healthy humor undoubtedly bring people together.

Here are some easy-to-implement ideas for a more fun everyday life: a message with an amusing animated video, a stand-up comedy, a board game, or a “Twister“.

No less important aspect is touch, because such contact makes you feel accepted. It expresses tenderness and love.

Especially if the phase of falling in love is long overdue and in the saturated daily rhythm does not leave much time to get together.

Perhaps in the beginning, such deliberate hugs and kisses will require more thought, but over time, will become an integral part of everyday life.

Team principle and future negotiations

Problems are easier to solve if you plan to come up with a solution that benefits all team members from the beginning. What is the optimal option for you both to be at peace?

Looking at things from the point of view that we are together and we will solve this problem or situation together, a friendship is formed.

Always keep in mind the goal! Minor disappointments or misunderstandings happen to everyone from time to time, but we often make them more significant than they really are with an exacerbated reaction.

If your partner, who could not enter the door, does something that you find annoying before you open your mouth to say something negative – do not rush.

Instead, think about it: my goal is to spend a fun evening / have a leisurely dinner / make love. If I make a fuss now, will it get me closer to the goal or move me away from it?

Being a team also means being able to share hopes and dreams, because by exchanging such sensitive information, people can feel vulnerable.

Whether it’s a career endeavor or some other personal goal, sharing with a partner brings you together and provides an opportunity to better support each other’s personal development.

It is even better if both speak out and find out what kind of support is needed, which they would like to receive from the partner.

Criticism of “heavy artillery” or  constructive conversation?

This hamburger will definitely be good for your health. What is it really about? An excellent tactic in serious negotiations, which also includes a certain amount of criticism, is to follow the so-called “hamburger principle”: praise, criticize, praise.

Because you also have to criticize.

It is worth telling your partner three good things he has done for you and thanking him for it.

These may be even the small things, such as:

  • “thank you for pouring me coffee”;
  • “thank you for filling my car’s gas tank”.

But showing gratitude for them makes your loved one feel appreciated. A sincere thank you is one of the first positive and proactive things anyone can do for a harmonious and healthy relationship.

Finally, don’t forget about time for yourself. Just for yourself. If our joy and well-being depend only on our partner, we do not take responsibility for ourselves.

By doing what helps to fill your energy cup and make you feel happy, your mood will be less dependent on what your partner is doing or not doing (let’s be honest, more often we already see what he’s not doing).

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