Safety In The House – 7+ Useful Tips

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Safety in the house

Safety In The House

You want to get in shape in home conditions and feel safe by doing that? If that is the case, this article is just for You! Here We will cover things that need to be done in order to not get injured! As silly as it sounds more and more get injured in home conditions just because they were not careful enough! Lets start!

Warm Up!

We can not stretch this out enough. Warm up is the most important part of your day. This is exactly what makes you ready for engaging in physical activities. All you need to know you can read HERE.

And remember, it takes only one time to skip warm up to get injured. (Murphy Law)

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Skip this step if you are already physically active and have been involved yourself with exercising and being fit. But if you are just starting, then start by using lightweight/body weight and work your way up as you progress.

There is nowhere to rush! Furthermore, if you will rush things, there is a big chance you will get injured. And we don’t want that, do we?

Work Hard But Don’t Overtrain

You should know that over-training can seriously hold you back from your goal. Training too hard or too often can cause stress fractures, sore joints and muscles aka DOMS effect, inflammation.

Also, you should know that mixing up your training regiment is safer. And having enough sleep is very important as well!

Feel Your Body

If you are feeling sick or fatigued, hold off from training. Furthermore, if you feel fainted and lacking in strength, quit whatever you are doing and take a rest. Best course of option is to consult a doctor and go through a variety of tests. There is nothing more important than your health!

If you have been missing out on training, start slowly. If it’s weight lifting, then go back to lower reps and sets and work your way up.

Hydration, Hydration, HYDRATION!

If it is just regular routine workout routine you are doing in your house, then simply drinking water should be enough. But if you are engaging harder workout than the regular one, for example running for 10 km. Then you should think about re hydrating with fluids that consists with essential electrolytes.

Right Type Of Clothing

So what do we mean by right type of clothing? For example – if it’s running you are doing then wear comfortable running shoes. Expect to change them at least once half a year, because cushioning will wear off.

If it’s weight lifting then wear belt, wrist bands, whatever will protect your joints and muscles from injuries.


Exactly the same thing goes for weightlifting in the gym. Correct form is the base of a safe workout and safety in the house.

For strength training, good form is essential. Never sacrifice good form for heavier weight. Result will be injury, therefore work on your form till you get it right! lightweight is the way to go.

Don’t Listen To Loud Music

There are a lot of apps that suggest you listening to music while doing your workout, but the truth is that music can because of injuries. Music can distract you from feeling fatigue and pain, therefore you can push yourself too far and cause DOMS effect and over train.

And of course, there also is probability of hearing loss. So be very careful with that.


Getting physical activities gives you great health and mental benefits. But for some people it can be a very bad habit. 

Exercising in human brains releases chemicals – endorphin and dopamine. These chemicals give us feeling of joy, however this mood boosting feelings goes away when we stop exercising.

These things can cause us to go through physical activities even after getting injured, which is completely wrong. These things can cause social problems and exercise addiction.

Exercising addiction dangers :

  • Relationship strains
  • Marriage strains
  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Less time for other activities, including socialization 
  • Interference with work obligations
  • Physical harm
  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles
  • Bad mood
  • Relationship Conflicts

Warning signs

  • Feeling upset after missing workout
  • Not getting enough rest 
  • Making relationships difficult 
  • It’s Your way to escape from problems
  • Your priorities have recently changed
  • You are not happy unless You have had Your workout
  • Workouts get longer time to time
  • You keep your physical activities a secret

Everything should be done with a moderation!

Recovering From Addiction

  1.  Define Your fitness goals
  2. Psychological counseling may help to better realize your goals. Cope with your emotions.
  3. Group therapy with others that have been struggling with same problems can help with self-awareness and methods to deal with the triggers.
  4. Listen to Your closest to You!



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