Does Human Body Have Second Brain?

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Human Body Have Second Brain

It is possible that we have a second brain…

If We had no brain in the head, You could not read this text. But did you know that we have brains in the rear as well?

Well, there isn’t exactly an organ in the rear like the one in the head. However, there is an autonomous network with million of neurons, which can control bowel movements- completely independent of central nervous system.

These neurons aren’t exactly in the rear, but inside the colon – a tube like organ that connects colon with small intestine that slides ingested residues through the rest of the digestive tract.

This part of the digestion tract is called – center of the digestive nervous system.

And since it can function without the help of brain or spinal cord, scientists are calling it “The Second Brain“.

How smart are these autonomous brains? There is really no clarity, however, most scientists think that they could be very smart.

This nerve system has millions of neurons, that help with the organisation of digestion tract.

The researchers stimulated isolated mouse intestines with weak electrical impulses and observed unseen rhythmical, coordinated activity of the neurons. And this activity resembled muscle activity in the nearby colon areas.

This research makes us think that same rhythmical, synchronized activity of the neurons helps to stimulate exact colon muscles even in the standard situations.

Muscle contractions provide movement of the fecal mass in the correct direction (outside of the body), and in controlled pace.

Therefore, network of the neurons can control activity in the whole colon area.

Some scientists have theorized that digestion system has been developed even before the central nervous system and activity of the neurons could be the first sign of activity in the body’s brain.

Meaning that “backside” brains should be first not the second, therefore we could assume that brains first developed to move excrement and only then turned to more complex body functions.

Researchers are sure that this experiment could be applicable, that this could be same for other mammals, however, thorough digestive nervous system comprehension will only be possible doing more research and using both of the brains.

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