12 Wonderful Skin Care Tips for Mothers and Babies In Winter

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12 Tips for Mother and Baby Skin Care In Winter

Skin Care For Mothers and Babies

Mothers are happy and radiant if everything is fine with the babies. Even the skin happily radiates when the baby’s skin is calm and healthy.

Colder weather outside the window usually means that the rooms are heated and heated more, which dehumidifies the indoor air – this is also a feature of the winter period which irritates already dry skin and makes us worry even more.

Therefore, the disadvantages do not have to be so great, but as soon as the temperature in the room changes, it is important to humidify the air, do not overheat, regularly ventilate the room, because all this benefits the skin.

skin care for mothers

With skin care for both mothers and children, there are some things in common and, of course, different.

It is important to keep in mind that winter skin care – not only the right choice and application of cream but also washing, eating and also caution from ultraviolet radiation.

Classic winter cream will simply be fatter, and therefore more nutritious. Here is all the wisdom!

Tips For Mother and Child Skin Care in Winter

Wash in warm water, not hot!

When washing in winter, when the skin is more sensitive and drier, we should avoid hot water in the bath and shower. It is better to use warm water, because hot promotes skin evaporation and dries the skin.

Not with soap, but with oils!

In winter, wash with shower oils or creams, which are classically foamy, but do not dry out and gently cleanse the skin.

After washing, the skin should be dried and we should apply creams or lotions to slightly damp skin. The skin will absorb moisturizers better if it is slightly moist.

Apply the cream before going out!

It is important to apply the cream 20-30 minutes before going outside.

This applies to the skin of any person’s face – dad, mom and baby. If a greasy winter (nourishing) cream contains water, although not as much as a moisturizer, in the wind and frost, this water can freeze the skin.

Lip skin gets dry first!

It is important to remember that the skin of the lips should also be protected, because it does not moisturize naturally in winter.

Especially if your baby has a pacifier in his mouth or a larger child or mother has a habit of licking their lips often.

When expecting and breastfeeding, choose creams for sensitive skin!

During pregnancy, it would be appropriate to choose creams for particularly sensitive skin, so these creams will not add skin irritating fragrances or dyes.

We can follow similar principles of skin care during breastfeeding, then it will be safe.

Gently cleanses from cosmetics and does not use soap!

During the winter, it is important for the mother to clean the skin with milder products – micellar water, not alcoholic products or alkaline soap.

After they gently cleanse the skin, it is intensively nourished.

If you use scrubs, then only once a week, and then apply nourishing masks.

Nutrition is also important for the skin!

Remember to drink clean water! A balanced diet and enough fluids help keep the skin in shape. As much as possible, they should also eat fruits and vegetables in winter.

Do not forget to drink water, although you do not want as much as in summer.

The sun protection factor is still relevant!

The baby is unlikely to be exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, but it also affects the skin of mothers and larger babies on a cloudy winter day.

The specialist emphasizes that UV radiation is equally harmful in winter and summer. It is best if the daily cream contains at least SPF 15 and you do not need to use additional sunscreen.

Until the age of one, the skin self-regulates.

The question is whether to use soap, shampoos, other detergents at all until the age of one. If you have normal skin, it is not problematic, then it self-regulates and regenerates – you don’t have to use anything extra and enough water.

However, atopic, dry, allergic skin will definitely need special care until the age of one – both in winter and in other seasons. In fact, problematic skin has the same rules throughout the year as normal skin care during the winter.

Let your feet not sweat!

It is important to pay attention to the skin of the feet, which often sweat in winter shoes. Therefore, it is recommended not to wear shoes that are too warm, unless it is freezing outside.

The consequences of foot sweating are fungal infections. Comfortable and breathable shoes are important.

The Bottom Line

A child may freeze the skin in less time than an adult because the child’s skin is thinner and the protective sebaceous glands are smaller.

In addition, children tend to play and do not even notice that their face or fingers are already cold. If you freeze the skin, first, do not rub, rub, but try to restore blood circulation to the skin with light massaging circular movements.

You could go in a warm bath and drink warm water or put on a warming compress. If skin discoloration persists, consult a family doctor or dermatologist.

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