5 Treacherous Social Media Aspects and 5 Best Ways To Limit Social Media Usage

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Negative effects of social media

Negative Effects Of Social Media

Social Media is a very effective way of sharing stuff on the internet. It can be used to kill time as well. For some instances it can be very useful to connect with other people. But how about the bad things it brings?

Like it or not but social media affects Our health and sometimes We can’t even see that!

Negative Effects


Have You counted how many times You opened Facebook or Instagram today? These days it is a force of habit. Whenever We have spare time in job or school We sit in Facebook. And this situation repeats itself repeatedly.

Spending Money

You probably are wondering how is it possible. However, social media works by utilizing ads to make you buy. You might resist this temptation, but everyone is not that resistant to temptation.

Social media will learn fast enough what You like and will offer You same things. Have You noticed that after buying, for example refrigerator, You see refrigerator ads?

There have been situations that people are blowing their entire savings on stuff they don’t really need.

Privacy Intrusion / Issues

When You are using social media, Your private life is out there for all to see. With addition of social media, your privacy becomes completely public. With the help of addiction in the mix, there won’t be anything hidden from the open public.

Most social media also requires You to fill out Your name, family name, place where You live, occupation and relationship status. This information can get in hands of unwanted individuals.

Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself / Insecure

Think about browsing Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You see people having fun, traveling and buying expensive cars. Then there are You sitting in Your apartment and feeling bad about Yourself. Thinking that You have accomplished as little as You should have.

However, it is most likely just a facade. Even Facebook models have bad days. They are just human, just like you and me. Anyway, it can make you feel sad just by looking at the pictures.

Illusion Of Relationship

Ever since we were introduced to the Facebook, We are accepting and inviting people left and right. We have thousands of friends on Facebook and fewer friends and connections in the actual life.

However, when was the last time you spoke to any of them?

Limit time spent on social media

How To Limit Time Spent On Social Media

Disable Notifications

Seeing other people living successful lives can make us feel bad about our own. Therefore, We suggest turning notifications off and not think about missing Out. Because really, you aren’t. Instead, find a hobby. For example, reading.

Get A Hobby

Like stated above. Find anything that is not Facebook or Instagram related. Doesn’t matter what it is. As long as you enjoy doing it!

Keep Track Of Time Spent Online

Pay attention to how long time passes since last time you opened Your Facebook app. Also, observe how your mood changes after you have closed the app. If Your mood doesn’t improve, then why keep doing something that doesn’t affect You positively?

Take Control

Take control of your apps like Twitter and Facebook and delete them permanently! Doing it will allow you only to connect on social media via PC.

Don’t Use Social Media When You Are In Bad Mood!

Bottom Line

Social media without a doubt are convenient way to connect people and gain information. However, it also has its shortcomings. Therefore, You should learn all You need from social media and not spend more time than necessary for it.

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