If you have been a student at least once in your life or working in a job where you have to invent or write something, we can bet that you have procrastinated.

If you are not: congratulations, you are one of the few unicorns who do not have the slightest difficulty doing things right away, on time and in large quantities.

In that case, you have earned a cookie and you can not read further! Everyone else – come to the herd, we know what it is. You try to get something done for half a day, but all you have done is clean windows and ironed shirts or read the internet and play games at worst.

However, we are here to help. Here are some suggestions from psychologists, professionals and people with experience in procrastination on how to finally get there.

Talk to Yourself and Understand Why You Are Procrastinating

Ok, each of us sometimes has to do a stupid or very unpleasant job – submit a tax report to the SRS or call someone who does not want to talk to. It happens. However, sometimes procrastination also affects things we have originally signed up with joy and enthusiasm for.

Then it is worth finding out why this will be postponed. No longer interested in what to do? Seems big and impossible? Maybe you don’t understand where to start and you need a little help from the sidelines?

But maybe you’re just hungry or tired, and it would be wiser to eat / sleep now than to stare blankly at the screen (be honest – after 10 hours of sleep you don’t have to sleep yet)? anxiety is a fairly common thing.

This will at least help to avoid unpleasant responsibilities in the future.

Eliminate Distractions

Yes, that means – get out of social networks, gather everything you need for work together and stop doing fifteen things at once. Don’t think for yourself if you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already realized that multitasking doesn’t work.

Unless you can do otherwise, there are applications that will turn off all pleasant obstacles on your site (such as AppDetox). You can also set different blockers for browsers. Finally, you can set your phone to airplane mode if you are frequently disturbed by calls.

Before that, it is advisable to warn someone that your operation is not disturbed by the police and ambulance crew who have come to look for you.

Just Force Yourself to Do It

This sounds like obvious advice, but sometimes it works. Similar to a winter swim in cold water after a sauna: you can do it if you jump into the ice-hole right away, but trying to slowly enter it will be almost impossible.

It is also usually the case that the ability to do work improves once you have overcome your initial inability.

Divide the to-do Into Pieces

Extensive projects can frustrate because you don’t see the end or the edge, and everything seems bad and impossible.

If you pay attention only to individual pieces, each of them will be much more accomplished. What’s cool: you can reward yourself for every little thing you accomplish.

Here, however, there is one important remark: don’t overdo it with the detailed to-do lists that need to be rewritten when they become too strike through. Yes, this is from experience. Just don’t. The old list will be good enough.

Consider Whether This is the Right Environment for Work

Each of us has different understandings of what environment works well. If you need silence to concentrate, but a colleague listens to Sepultura at max volume, because it motivates him, none of you will be happy. Some enjoy working in a cafe, some in a library, others at home.

Working at home can be difficult, TV, bed, refrigerator and stove are a great temptation. If there are also children at home who demand attention, it may happen that a colleague with Sepultura is a more productive solution (give him a headset).

Find the Right Time

For larks, it will be better to postpone all the most arduous tasks in the morning, for owls – overnight. If you are neither a lark nor an owl, but a forever tired pigeon – we feel very sympathetic and recommend considering a vacation. Life is too short to spend it like this.

Reward Yourself For Every Step You Complete

Seriously! You may not deserve a coffee break or candy for a written page, but the reward center in the brain is something worth rushing with a little fun. This will keep you in a better mood and motivated to continue.

Don’t Be A Perfectionist 

Better done with some flaws than never passed an ideal. There’s really nothing left to add here. The only one who could afford to make dozens of corrections was Da Vinci with Mona Lisa. And even then I wonder if it was necessary.

Focus on the Result

If you are one of those who like details and stuff, you can easily get into small oats, losing the big picture. Keep the goal and the desired result in front of your eyes.

If you have to write a bachelor’s degree, then a written bachelor’s degree is more important than a perfectly worded sentence on page 26 (no one will read it there, sorry).

Use the Eisenhower Matrix to Prioritize

US President Dwight Eisenhower faced many decisions every day, so he used such a matrix to understand what to do, when to do it and what not to do.

Sort all jobs in these 4 squares. The first is what to do now – if there is an exam tomorrow, postpone everything else. The second square is something that must be done, but you can plan a convenient time for it (SRS declaration, I look at you).

The third square can definitely be dealt with by someone else – especially for work responsibilities, and you’re already loaded with 100 things. Fourth square things don’t need to be done at all – just assume they won’t be done and move on to the most important thing.

eisenhower matrix

Ask Someone to Look After You

If you have important work to do and you are not sure that you will force yourself, ask someone to look after you and push you. Most people like to be bossy, so you don’t even feel uncomfortable about it.

Use the 15-minute Rule

Choose a part of everything to do and try to do it in 15 minutes. 1) you realize that you can get everything done fast enough, 2) you will actually work for over 15 minutes and do a lot of work. This is a valuable technique for at least training.

Be Kind to Yourself

Even after reading all this, you will have completely lost days. It doesn’t make you a bad person. The more you blame yourself, the less you want to do something, so don’t blame, ok? Just go to bed and start better the next morning. You can do it. We believe in you!

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