9 Tips for Talking to Your Doctor as Effectively as Possible

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talking to your doctor

Talking to Your Doctor

There are many ways to judge what the health care system is – something can be improved, something is wrong – but one thing is clear: at least most doctors here are wonderful, smart, talented and  … exhausted.

Doctors are in short supply in many places, and there are giant queues next to them. However, you, like everyone else, want the best care and attention! Therefore, here are some tips on how to talk to your doctor so that everything goes as quickly, easily and correctly as possible:

Tell All About the Problem

In fact, you can start preparing for this point at home when you understand that a doctor’s visit will be inevitable. When did it start? What exactly hurts you, and where? Is the pain only in one place, or does it radiate elsewhere?

Also make a note of any other symptoms such as swelling, nausea, dizziness, fever, and other additional “pleasures.” If the problem is sudden, try to remember what you did when it happened.

With a simple cold, it will not matter, but in more complex cases, it can help the doctor make an accurate diagnosis more quickly. Are there anything that makes the situation better or worse?

What have you changed recently in your diet, lifestyle or daily routine (maybe your new diet is to blame)?

If the Doctor is Not Your Long-term Family Doctor, Also Tell Your Medical History

Now this step has been simplified a bit since we have e-health, but you know best what you are ill with and what the consequences of previous ailments have been in your body.

If you are taking any medicine, write the name and dose of the medicine you are taking. If your medication habits differ from those prescribed by your doctor, also tell them. Be honest – it’s your health, not your doctor’s.

Your Social History is Also Important

From self-evident things like bad habits to stress and burnout in a high-level workplace, lack of social contacts (simply put, loneliness).

If You Think This Information May Relate to the Reason for Your Visit, Also Share Information About Your Family Relatives

If you have come to a cardiologist, it may be worthwhile for him to find out that all the men in your family have heart disease. Also, be prepared to answer the following questions from your doctor.

Make a List of Questions, and What You Want to Expect From Your Doctor

It is most foolish to be confused in the doctor’s office and then get angry that you understand nothing and nothing is clear. Be sure to find out when you receive the results of the tests and whether you need to come again. If so – sign up for your next visit right away.

If Your Illness is Severe, Complicated or Stressful, Bring a Support Person

It doesn’t have to be a relative, it can also be a close friend. A person who will not experience everything possible will remember more successfully what you need and what to do.

This is especially true in situations involving surgery, childbirth and other serious health changes. If there is no support person or you want to go alone, take notes. You will then thank yourself.

If you have forgotten to ask your doctor, but when you leave the office and remember something, talk to your doctor’s assistant or nurse. 

They will also be able to answer most questions.


Sometimes contact with a doctor doesn’t really happen – we are all human. However, instead of conflicting, it will be more valuable to work with a doctor to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, and – yes, you guessed it – so you don’t have to see an unpleasant doctor again.

Don’t Use Google

We know it’s so hard to refrain … and yet your diagnosis of googles will only make your doctor annoyed and take your time unnecessarily until your doctor has to explain why you don’t have all the possible rare syndromes. Just allow professionals to do the job – it will be easier for everyone.

The Bottom Line

The most important thing, no matter what – be careful of yourself and get well!

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