Touching and Heartfelt Things Your Mother Never Told You

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We can thank our mothers not only for the opportunity to live in this world but also for their unconditional love, genuine care, and never-ending warmth of heart in which we can draw strength.

However, in the daily rush, we often have to forget about the love and work that our mother has put into giving us all the best, possibly forgetting about herself.

In this regard, we invite you to think about the sincere facts related to our mutual relations.

And when was the last time you told your mother, how much you love her?

You Are The Reason Why She Has Shed So Many Tears

Tears of happiness, joy of your birth, achievements and significant moments, as well as sad and anxious experiences of your life’s failures and important decisions. Our mothers have been with us since birth, and their care for us never ends.


Starting with the last piece of cake or a slice of bread, our moms will give up anything to give it to us. Appreciate this unconditional love!


Ever since we were born, our mother has been the one who will worry about whether everything is in order with us, whether we are warm, safe, fed and happy.

Remember the countless times your mom has been waiting for you, coming home from the party, despite the late hour.

Broken heart, illness, failure at work – your mother will always be by your side.


Childbirth pain, potential health problems experienced during pregnancy, impressions of your small teeth on the palm of your hand, strands of hair cut and wounds carved out of words in dispute.

Our mothers feel pain because of us, both emotionally and physically, but they are immediately forgotten, giving way to unconditional love.

No one is perfect

Of course, despite the respect and love we feel for our mothers, we are also angry at their actions. Remember that your mom is aware that she is not perfect, but despite the different circumstances, she has always tried to give you the best she can!

She would be able to look at you for hours

Both as a baby and now – your face will make mom happy and warm. She is able to look at you both asleep and remember with pleasure your first smile and what she looked like after birth.

Her heart broke when you cried

Every mother will answer that seeing an unhappy child herself will break her heart. That is why your tears and experiences hurt her much more than you.

Letting You go

Every challenge you face also distracts your mom’s heart and mind. It is also especially difficult to launch you into life by making your own mistakes and learning from them. If she could, your mom would save you every experience, tears and frustration!

She would go through it all again

Despite the hardships, pains, and transcendental potencies required to be brought up by you, your mother would do it all again without a moment’s thought. Respect her, love her, appreciate her and don’t forget to remind her how important she is to you!

Your mother would go through it all again if she could
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