5 Interesting Training Physiology Rules

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Training Physiology

Your body is like a complex mechanism, it adapts to things You do physically and mentally. 

If You continuously keep lifting heavy weights Your body will:

  • Increase Bone Density
  • Build Muscle Mass
  • Increase Muscle Power and Strength

The Basic principle of weight lifting is to promoting these properties of your body through repetition of certain physical activities with increasing training effort gradually with time. 

How Do Muscles Work?

There are 2 different types of muscle inside your body:

  1. Skeletal Muscle (which we are able to “train”), it is attached to Your bones through Tendons. This type of muscle is responsible for all the movements.

  2. Cardiac Muscle (makes bulk of the heart, smooth muscle and lines that lines organs).

Skeletal muscle is made up of:

  • Muscle Cells
  • Fibres

and they are bound together by connective tissue.

Muscle Fibre contains proteins that are capable of pulling against one another when ordered by CNS (central nervous system).

This process shortens the muscle and makes them contract.

Muscles can only perform pulling motion and not the pushing, therefore they are paired in antagonistic pairs:

  • Extensors (Straighten the limb)
  • Flexors (Bend the limb)

Strength Training Principle

Physical Activities such as strength training overloads muscles, lets them to adapt then overloads them again.

Overloading causes tears to muscle cells, therefore eating nutritious meals are crucial. (Read Nutrition articles HERE)

Basicialy – Muscles grow by getting damaged and regenerating over and over again.

After high demand Physical Activity,

  • Testostorone
  • Growth Hormone
  • Proteins
  • Nutrients

contribute to repairing the muscle tissue and make them stronger.

Your Body Response To The Training

  • Neural Adaptation

Individual becomes more efficient and coordinated when performing certain movements. You gain strength during this process however, it is for a relatively short period.

You don’t grow new muscle fibres. Changes is muscle composition is determined by genetics.

Muscular changes are affected by shifts in enzyme and hormone levels. By doing physical activities and strength training, it’s not only the skeletal muscles that get affected. 

Your heart starts to beat more slowly, gets bigger, and it is able to transfer blood more efficiently. 

Muscle Fibres

There are 2 types of muscle fibres in Your body:

  • Type 1 – slower twitch fibres, that are responsible for long duration and low intensity physical activity. They are efficient at using oxygen to burn body fuel resources for repeated contractions – aerobic activity. Also they are slow to fatigue so they are used for physical activities that requires high endurance.
  • Type 2 – Doesn’t require oxygen and are easily fatigued. Are perfectly suited for fast, high explositivity exercises that are used in bodybuilding and powerlifting. Produces high bursts of contraction at high rates. Type 2 muscle fibres can have endurance properties and are able to act as type 1 fibres. They are strong, explosive and powerful.

Most of Our muscles contain both muscle fibres, however some people have more of type 2, which lets them to do high intensity physical activities. 

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