Training Psychology – 7+ Important Factors That Affect Your Training Directly

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Training Psychology Definition And Mindset

Training Psychology

To make most of Your Training and understand how Your body works You need to understand two things.

  • How Your body Respond to training Physically
  • How Your body Respond to training Mentally

First thing We would like to focus is Learning Patterns. Every single individual goes through them – consciously or unconsciously.

Patterns Of Movement

Everyone that has been doing Physical Activities have gone through different patterns of movement, furthermore They are learning new ones even without Their knowledge.

Unconscious Incompetent

  • New to training, there are lot of Things that You don’t understand. 
  • You are not aware of Your shortcomings and deficiencies. 
  • Think You know better than Your coach/trainer, which is absurd.
  • You are yet to understand new skills that You will be learning.

Conscious Incompetent

  • You are aware of the skills that You must master, however You are not able to carry them out just yet. 
  • This stage is dangerous, because You will get frustrated at times. You even might take rushed decisions which can lead to injuries.

Conscious Competent

  • You know what You are doing, however You are doing self conciously. This takes too much thinking time about executing given exercise correctly. This is not necessarely a bad thing, however this might be a problem if You are training for competitions or sports events.

Unconscious Competent

  • You have reached certain level, where You are able to understand how Your body will react to certain movement. You are able to take right choices depending how Your body feels on training day. 

Progressing through these stages requires hard work and dedication, patience and motivation. Visualization exercises might help.


This technique requires Athlete  to create mental image of what He is about to do. For example – Imagine You are going to set a world record in running sprint. During this process, Your brain directs Your muscles to work in most efficent way possible.Laying down a neural patten that is as close as possible by an actual performance of motvements. 


To be successful in whatever You are doing You have to want it. If you don’t want it enough there is a high possibility of “Half-assing” the entire workout.

Getting on with Your workout might become somewhat of a chore. The thing that made You start working out, might not be the same thing that motivates You to go through the adversity.

Your motivation needs to be:

  • Positive
  • Want to be the best, rather than being afraid of failing. Therefore set realistic, achievable goals. 
  • Must be fun for You
  • Find a good coach or a personal trainer – good coach will motivate You

There are two types of motivation 

  1. Extrinsic Motivation – Comes from an outside source, such as personal trainer.
  2. Intrinsic Motivation – Comes from within, such as, mastering exercise with whom You have been struggling before. Satisfaction for being in control of Your life, gaining confidence. This type of motivation will get You much further than Extrincis one.


As for everything in life there is negative side to everything, for an example being overly motivated. 

When You get too motivated, You start to try too hard and might face a disappointment later on. 

There is a thin line between success and failure. You need right amoutn of motivation, rather than too much. This is up to Your coach.

The problem about being overly motivated is that You may disregard rest times and revocery, which is pretty much crucial. This leads to overtraining. 

Remember, more training doesnt equal to better training. Overtraining leads to physical and psychological damage. 

Not Wanting Enough

Wanting something too much and not wanting enough are two sides of same coin. 

Not wanting something enough is the worst thing possible. If You are not ready to put in the necessary work then it’s better not to start at all.

It’s tough pill to swallow but that’s just how it is. 

Issues like these becomes critical when it comes to strength training. You need to find something that will motivate You. 

  • Set Achievable Goals
  • Write Down Everything You Do
  • Find Training Partner
  • Get Coaching
  • Don’t Wait For Perfect Time To Start – Do It Right Now!

Setting Realistic Goals Are The Most Vital Part Of Training!

Setting Goals

  1. Keeping Track – Write down everything. Keep record of weights You lift, how much time You spend at gym, how much time You are taking off – everything. This can also motivate You more.
  2. It has to be fun – Training shouldn’t feel like a chore. Something that is fun for You are more likely to stick You to the programme. 
  3. Time Limitation – Start setting short time based goals , gradually making long term goals. 
  4. It has to be realistic – Don’t expect to get in shredded phisique in few days. 
  5. Adjsutable – Get such mindset that You can adjust to changes, so You wouldn’t get derailed from little setbacks. 
  6. Measure – Keep track of Your progress, fat-loss.
  7. Be Specific – You cant get everything at once – fat loss, strength, power and muscularity. Choose one.

Be Smart

Newbies that start Strength Training will quickly come to conclusion that key to success is – consistency. 

We learn by observing others at gym, however the truth is that people We see might not be a good examples of what We should follow.

Always think about the quality of the work You put in. Remember it is not how many reps You do that count, it’s making every rep count!

Get A Decent Coach

Your coach must be right for the task. Qualities of a good coach are:

  • He has to be motivated
  • He should be able to identify what are Your driving factors
  • You both have to set realistic goal for You
  • Don’t train to please Your coach
  • Don’t train just to justify Your gym membership. Training like this wont get You far.

Get A Training Partner

Get a training partner, He or She can be a great motivator to push You to new heights. What Your traiing buddy can do for You is:

  • Friendly Competition
  • Aspiration
  • Emulation of Your training
  • Increases Your mental fortitude
  • Raises Your Coonfidence

Your Personality

Your personality is what diferentates Your motivating factors. Different training factors come in training situations, which are complicated to explain, since it depends strongly on genetics and experience of individual.

However there are two personality types that should be explained further, and how they react to challenges of Physical Activity:

Introverts –

  • Possess great mental strength
  • Don’t push themselves too hard
  • Quiet and reflective
  • Sets realistic goals of where they start and where they will be in future

Extroverts –

  • Confident
  • Outgoing
  • Social
  • Don’t spend too much time planning exercises
  • Gets easily distracted if doens’t see success quickly


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