How Video games Affect Our Health. 10 Amazing Pros and Cons

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How videogames affect our health

Videogames Can Have Positive and Negative Impact

Video games are regarded as time-wasters and useless by the parents. Furthermore, they are even being referred as brain corrupting by some experts of education.

However, lately research has found a lot of benefits as well. For example, playing video games can make kids smarter and react better. Depending on what game your child is playing, it can even teach him/her high level of problem solving.

Playing video games changes brain physical structure, just like learning any new thing.

  • Learning to play a piano
  • Riding a bike
  • Swimming
  • Running

Just like physical activities builds muscle structure, concentration and surge of dopamine strengthen neural circuits that can build the brain.

According to the research video games not only change how brain performs but also its structure. In this article, you will learn about benefits and shortcomings of playing video games.

Benefits of playing videogames


Logical Thinking

Many games require you to solve problems and think creatively. Puzzles with time requirement are especially good for development of problem solving.

Resource Management and Logistics

The player learns how to manage resources and plan things ahead. Just like in the actual life. We can develop this skill in games like Warcraft and Age of Empires, which are Real Time Strategy games.

Coordination and Fine Motor Skills

Games like shooters requires player to monitor multiple objects at the same time. Character, environment, enemies. This requires a great deal of brain understanding and coordination of fingertips.

To be successful, this requires hand-eye coordination. Also, you can learn visual attention skills.

Increased Flexibility

Strategy games such as Warcraft 3 require quick thinking and flexibility. You can get attacked from multiple enemies at the same time.

Decision Making

Video games pressures played that it feels like a mental workout. Therefore, making you make quick decisions. Military soldiers are playing video games to train their reaction.

Not Giving Up Attitude

Player is not successful all the time, every time. To clear the hard levels requires perseverance. And mostly you just need to keep trying and get better to succeed.


Player has to remember places he’s been before to not get lost.


It requires you a great deal of concentration to win.

Become More Resistant To Frustrations

Learn That Teamwork Is Important

When playing online games, teamwork is essential. If You are by Yourself, You will get only so far.

Learning English Language For Non Natives

Learning The Technology

Video games introduce your child to the technology and online world. Since this era is “high tech” Your child must know these things. It is as important to girls as it is for boys.

Bonding Activity

Video games allow your child to play with friends together and connect with each other. There are games that child can enjoy together with parents. These days adults play video games as well. These activities can allow you to better understand your child’s growth and talents.

Enjoying The Learning Process

It is common knowledge that You most likely to learn something faster if You are enjoying doing it. Video games have beautiful colors and scenes. These conditions are very appealing to the eye. Even hard tasks might seem fun if learned this way.


Regardless of the gender, video games can make your child more creative.

Increased Confidence

When Your child masters the game, his confidence will grow. Good thing is that same thing can be applied in real-life situations.

Cons of playing videogames



Most bad reputation about video games are about violence. Children who play video games are most likely to:

  • Have Aggressive Thoughts
  • Behavior
  • Feelings
  • Decreased Social Helping
  • Lower Empathy
  • Emotional Callousness

However, there are also lot of studies that can’t link violent video games with empathy and violence. 


The World Health Organization declared video game addiction as mental disorder. In addition to addiction kids can also become depressed and anxious. Furthermore their school performance can decline. 

Social Isolation

Too much video games can make You socially isolated. Your child will most likely spend less time on activities like:

However it is not case for everybody. Being isolated is not the norm for gamers.

Wrong Life Values

Popular video games teaches that violence and aggression gets rewarded. Women are portrayed as sexually provocative. On the other hand, bad behavior in video games might help some people out in the real world out of guilt.

There is a Thin Line Between Real and Fantasy

Poor Performance At School

Reserach has proven that more time child spends playing video games poorer results are at school. Video games can also cause:

  • Lower grades than those who doesn’t play video games
  • Fighting with friends
  • Skipping homework to play games
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Attention issues
  • Children health issues like obesity and muscular disorders
  • Toxic language and behavior
  • encountering sexual predators acting like children
  • Difficulty sustaining behavior
Preventing video game addiction

Preventing Video Game Addiction

Observe Your Child And Early Symptoms

We are addressing children here, however it can be addressed to adults as well.

  • How often is Your child thinking about gaming
  • Is Your child playing games when he’s in bad mood?
  • Is he getting upset when he can’t play video games
  • Can he quit at any given time or is spending more and more time playing games
  • Quit doing things that he liked before
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Having problems at school because of gaming
  • Regardless of the declining grades keep playing games
  • Does Your child need to play a lot of games to feel better

However, You can play a lot of games and not be an addict. True, the percentage of overall gamers that are addicts are very small ~5 %.

If You are struggling with addiction it might be a time to ask Yourself some questions.

  • Is my school or job work declining
  • Am i struggling with relationships
  • Have You stopped loving playing the game and now HAVE to play it.
  • Are there any signs of depression

Of course, it can be hard to be self critical. Pay close attention to Your child grades and time he spends with his friends. If parents have good relationship with his child it’s unlikely that video games is a problem.

Getting Help

If the person You are worried about is Your son or daughter contact children doctor before the problem goes out of hand.

Preventing Video Game Problem

  • Set limits that can be used on devices (phone, computer and console)
  • Don’t let Your child to use devices before the night
  • Make physical activity routine
  • Don’t wait till it is too late
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