Warm-up Basics

Warmup before doing any kind of physical activities is not only necessary but a “must have”.

In this article You will learn everything You should know about why should You do Warm-up Basics routine and what does it to a body and muscles. Also, You will learn about what might happen if You ignore warming up before engaging in Your routine.

warmup basics


First and foremost do not mistake warming up with stretching. Stretching is what You do after the routine! Warming up before your physcal activities is essential.

Doesn’t Matter if its gym or moving a sofa. You have to prepare your body for incoming stress.

Benefits or warmup basics

  • Reduces soreness after a workout
  • Helps you activate your CNS ( central nervous system) which in return prepares your muscles for physical activity to work with the best effort.
  • Improves blood circulation

After You have properly warmed up, Your muscles and joints have been prepared for flexability and tension.

That means You have peaked Your potential results and lowered potential chance of an injury.

So either it is running, swimming, cycling, strength training or regular house chores like moving furniture, these 10-15 minutes that You will use on warmup can be the most improtant minutes of your day.

What exactly does warmup do to my body?

Warmup basics

Elevates your heart rate, optimizes your muscles and joints for physical activities.

Simple warmup routine

Head rotations

  1. Starting position – stand with Your legs straight
  2. Place Your feet about shoulder width
  3. Keep Your hands loosely at Your sides

Rotate Your head clockwise and counter clockwise . Should be done atleast 10 repetitions each side.

Forearm rotation

Starting position – hands rose to shoulder height

Perform dynamic forearm rotations at the elbow

  • 30 seconds inwards
  • 30 seconds outwards

Arm rotation

  1. Place Your legs at shoulder width
  2. Keep Your arms straight at Your sides

Perform both arms rotation simultaneously

  • 20 times clockwise
  • 20 times counter clockwise
  • 15-20 times opposite directions

Shoulder rotation

  1. Starting position – Place Your legs at shoulder width
  2. Keep Your arms straight at Your sides

Perform exercise 20 repetitions clockwise and counter clockwise

Wrists rotation

Starting position – fingers clasped

Perform wrist rotation on both sides for one minute

Torso swings

Starting position –

  1. Stand with Your legs straight
  2. Place Your feet at shoulder width
  3. Bend Your torso forward 90 degrees
  4. Raise both arms straight to the outside

Perform 15 repetitions to each side

  • Do maximum range of motion to the left and to the right
  • Look at the hand that you are lifting

Waist rotation

Starting position –

  1. Place Your hands on Your hips and head straight

Perform exercise with full range of motion both sides for 10 repetitions

Knees rotation

Starting position – Place Your feet slightly apart and hands on the hips.

Perform 10 repetitions of knee rotation to the right and to the leg

Back muscles

Starting position – Lie down on Your stomach

Lift Your arms and legs at the same time and hold for one second. Repeat for 15-20 repetitions

So now You are warmed-up and can start Your training more confident and more ready. Good luck to You! Stay healthy and safe!

And do not forget to strech after Your training. Read Our other articles by navigating to blog section.

Simple warmup exercises

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