What Is Autoimmunity and What Does It Mean?

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what is autoimmunity

Autoimmune diseases have grown at an unprecedented rate in recent years, and unfortunately, the incidence of these diseases is not declining, on the contrary, it continues to grow. What is autoimmunity – more on this in this article.


What Is Autoimunity and What Causes It?

Autoimmunity is the action of immunity against your body, instead of fighting viruses, bacteria and other foreign particles.

Under the influence of various factors, the immune system loses the ability to recognize its proteins / receptors in the body, from invaders, and fights various tissues of the body, causing inflammation, degenerative processes and diseases.

It is a hyperactive immune response to the body’s own organ systems.

For example,

  • In rheumatoid arthritis (RA), immunity goes to the joints in the body, they become inflamed and deformed.
  • In psoriasis, immunity builds up in the skin cells, and begins to inadequately speed up cell division, leading to flakes and rashes all over the body.
  • In multiple sclerosis, immunity destroys the myelin sheaths of nerve cells, causing nervous system disorders – dizziness, visual impairment, fatigue, stiffness, speech problems, etc.

Unfortunately, if you have an autoimmune disease, there is a high risk that you may develop other autoimmune diseases.

This risk is because the immune system is hyperactive and has learned to produce antibodies against the body itself, so if the body destroys the joints, it may also be present in the thyroid gland, nerve cells and other tissues.

By the way, if a child / adult is rarely ill, this does not always mean that immunity works perfectly. It is very healthy to get sick once a year, maybe 2, because this is how we train our immunity, and we are sure that it really works for us.

Autoimmunity is growing rapidly, and unfortunately Western medicine lacks a successful solution to this problem. We have rheumatologists, we have dermatologists, endocrinologists.

How is Autoimmunity Treated in the West?

Unfortunately, it is for this reason that every doctor will use symptom-relieving agents that are specific to his or her specific area of activity –

a dermatologist will offer corticosteroid creams for psoriasis to reduce skin rashes, a rheumatologist will offer strong immunosuppressants and it will stop attacking the joints .. and all this with great side effects.

Doctors are trained according to a model that sees only symptomatic and obvious health problems, but they are not taught about the origin of diseases and the fact that

it makes no sense to sweep the floor and draw water in buckets without first turning off the tap

– Dean Ornish.

The Bottom Line

Is it really necessary to smear steroids on the skin, and will skin realize that it is not good to inflam and cause skin flakes, rashes and itching?

The skin is not to blame, so we should not hold it accountable! As with other autoimmune diseases .. but where to look for the cause?

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