What Types of Orgasm a Woman Needs

Why is it that heterosexual couples become less and less satisfied with their sex lives over time and what do lesbians do right?

What types of orgasm do women need? What happens to sex after marriage? Do men and women experience such changes in the same way?

Lesbian Wedding

How to maintain sex that satisfies both partners in a long-term relationship? We must understand it that women can easily be disappointed in their sex lives, but decide to endure it.

Men do not feel disappointed, but they also do not tolerate it. But there are enough fish in the sea. 90% of men often watch porn, but it only temporarily fills the gap.

In a therapist’s office, women often blame their husbands for not taking her needs into account at all. It is not true! Men take great care to keep a woman well in bed, but rarely know what that means. Therefore, we explain in detail what kind of orgasms women need.

Mature women are often more satisfied with sex, and it is thanks to Mother Nature for that. In women, vaginal muscle tone decreases and vaginal ball training is necessary to enjoy orgasm, while men at a respectable age have problems maintaining an erection.

However, it can have a positive effect on a woman. Although the duration of vaginal penetration is shorter, massage, caresses, tenderness, hugs, kisses last longer, and the beloved woman’s body and feelings are able to fully arouse.

What Happens to Sex in a Permanent Relationship?

Research shows that the sexual satisfaction of couples in long-term relationships decreases over time. Older couples are more satisfied with their relationship than their sex life.

The longer together, the more cautious the couple?

Researchers point out that the positive aspect is that if couples were not happy with their sex life at the beginning of their relationship, this does not mean that they have not later developed mutual understanding.

But we are blacksmiths of our own happiness, we just need to know what to do.

What Happens to Sex in a Permanent Relationship?

Satisfaction with relationships and sex life are usually interrelated. Namely, if we want the relationship to be maintained, good sex plays a very important role. In addition, quantity differs completely from quality.

Dissatisfaction with the quality of common mischief causes sexual tension.

We sometimes have difficulties with mutual communication and especially about such delicate topics as sex, so sexual tension can quickly lead to dissatisfaction in mutual relations, and the partner may not even understand the cause.

Women know how to protect their families wisely. There is a general tendency for women’s satisfaction with their sex life to decrease over time, but this does not mean that they are less likely to allow themselves to be close to their loved one.

In a long-term relationship, women are more likely than men to agree to a simple sexual intercourse, but this does not mean that they will accept it.

Men can improve a woman’s satisfaction by using various tools. Sexual passion has changed over time, and maintaining passion in a relationship requires work and ingenuity. None of the couple is immune to it.

Women often experience frustration in their sex lives and give up everything by hand. There is a “as is” attitude. Women’s passion and thirst disappear over time.

Men are better able to keep their passion, but they notice her alienation and go hunting for new passions much more lightly than women.

What Types of Orgasm do Women Need? Let’s Learn From Lesbians!

Scientists have found that in lesbian relationships, women enjoy orgasm 15% more often and more strongly. How can this be? Studies of both same-sex and heterosexual women have found that the strongest and most enjoyable orgasms are during oral sex.

Love recognizes no barriers

Just lesbians do it more often. However, it must be established that women themselves are to blame for dissatisfaction with their sex lives.

Most men are ready to give their beloved woman oral pleasure, but women do not agree, because the anxiety about body odor, their appearance, etc., does not allow them to relax.

In order to have a powerful orgasm, it is necessary to completely disconnect from everyday thoughts.

What Else do Lesbians do Right?

Another difference found in the study of 822 lesbian behaviors is the different duration of teasing. Women play for an average of 35-40 minutes, while men and women play for 15-30 minutes.

What is the relationship between orgasm and the duration of play? We can assume it that the longer the penetration, the more the female G-spot arousal increases. But it is not at all.

Their long-term mischief is complemented by breast, abdomen, back stroking, a lot of lubricant and clitoral massage. It is the place where a woman has the most pleasure nerve.

Man and woman facing eachother

A woman’s sexual arousal results from a combination of these activities, not just vaginal penetration. Sex therapists advise men to do everything in the bedroom 7 times slower than before.

Clitoral Massage is Not Just a Foreplay

It is the stimulation that a woman needs to be satisfied with her sex life and relationships in the long run. Orgasms are different.

Every woman who has had at least 2 orgasms knows they are different. There are locals that relieve the tension of pleasure, and there are those that shake the entire body like an earthquake.

We associate vaginal penetration with the right path to the world of pleasure for most people. It is the case for men, but for women, it is necessary to caress and soften the clitoris to achieve a vaginal orgasm.

Unfortunately, sexual knowledge of women’s body features is weak, and women themselves limit their enjoyment potential with various taboos.

Couple kissing

We must accept it the scientific fact that a woman’s orgasm does not depend only on vaginal penetration. There are activities that women really like, such as

  • kisses;
  • breast stroking;
  • hugs;
  • caresses;
  • finger irritation;
  • and penetration.

And only after the action that enjoys an avalanche of nerves orgasm: 8,000 thousand clitoral nerve endings that extend to the G-spot.

A strong erection alone is not enough for a long lasting happy relationship. The key to a man’s sexual satisfaction and happy relationship is his woman’s orgasms.

Threesome: You, Her and a Vibrator

Nearly 50% of women in the United States have at least one vibrator and can easily reach orgasm. Only 10% of all couples use special vibrators created for joint enjoyment. Let’s take off our hat in front of these progressive men and applaud!

A woman in her fantasies is often secretly naughty. Almost 56.5% of women have fantasized about having sex with 2 men. We can easily realize this fantasy with the help of playful aids.

Orgasm is like laughter. We cannot transfer it to another. Lovers can either delay or summon the orgasm process, but the person handles how to achieve orgasm! Relax and listen to scientists about what makes a woman’s body sound.

What kind of orgasm a woman needs

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