Winter Activities For The Whole Family

by | Oct 24, 2021 | Health, Physical activities



“Mom, it’s freezing outside – let’s stay inside!”

Don’t let the cold weather deter you and your family from outdoor activities credit online. Even in winter, you can keep in shape and engage in various activities.

All that is needed is to dress appropriately. Because, as they say,

“There is no poor weather, there is only inappropriate clothing.”

Put on your hat, wrap a larger scarf and secure with two pairs of gloves. The chief thing is to choose a sports activity that brings joy and fun moments to the entire family.

It seems difficult to keep sporting activities during the winter, but in the spring we always want to be sporty and durable.

To keep yourself and your family entertained and burn calories, I will recommend some activities that are specifically for winter conditions.


If there is a thick layer of snow outside, go to the local hill and spend a fun day sledding. This type of sport is as impressive as one aerobic workout. Sledding employs several muscle groups that are needed to drive.

It is also an effort to go up the hill, pulling a sled behind you. In fact, going up the hill brings the most benefit to the body – climbing is a great leg muscle workout.

How many calories you burn in this activity depends on how many trips you take. If the mountain is so high that it takes about 30 minutes to reach the top, it means that one such climb can burn up to 240 calories.

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is one of the most effective winter workouts, as the upper and lower body are employed at the same time. Any skier will prove that it is a tough sport, but we burn calories at an insane rate.

About 30 minutes of skiing can burn 340 calories. We could add one advantage of this activity that it can be done even in the nearest backyard park, free of charge.

Mountain skiing

While ski passes and other expenses make downhill skiing an expensive winter sports activity, it is a great fitness workout and can provide fun adventures for the entire family.

It’s not as intense a calorie burner as cross-country skiing, but you can still end up burning at least 240 calories in 30 minutes of skiing.

Most ski enthusiasts engage in this sport activity for several hours on site, so calorie burning can proliferate.

Ice skating

Ice skating is another winter sport that is great to spend with the family. As with all sports, the longer you do it, the greater the calorie loss.

Skating is a cheaper sport compared to downhill skiing, and there is no need to buy a pair of skates, as many halls offer equipment rental.

Ice Hockey

You can gather a couple of friends or play a team game against a neighboring family. Friendly competition can keep skating longer and more enjoyable, and the longer you skate, the more naturally you burn calories.

However, to play hockey, especially for children, you need to buy special equipment. If not helmets and knee pads, then at least wooden sticks are needed for an elementary game of hockey.

Snowball Fights

When the winter holidays begin, parents and children have a great time together. If there is a beautiful white winter outside, then games by coupes and diving are a great time.

You can even burn between 200 and 400 calories per hour. Raising a snowman creates creative thinking of children. You can also glue together a snow fortress and play pitch war.

You can create a colony of snow angels along the entire courtyard, lurking in the snow and making wings by hand.

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