How To Return To Work Productively After The Holidays

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Work productively

A four-day weekend is great until you have to return to work after a little longer rest.

Understandably, your mind is still on vacation, but it’s not inevitable that you’ll spend most of the day back at work on the first day looking at a hiking or other recreational photo taken on the phone screen.

In this article, we look at suggestions on how to get back to work more successfully after a long vacation.

Start Early

Although you will probably want to prolong your holiday and arrive at work as late as possible, do the opposite and start working a few hours earlier.

Start Early

We recommend starting the first working day after the rest earlier in order to do the priority work on time. It will not be easy, but it will pay off.

Create a Plan

Creating a to-do list is never a bad idea and will be especially helpful on the first working day after the holidays. Spend ten to 15 minutes at the beginning of the day, listing everything you should do that day and week.

Start with a list of the most important works. If your focus shifts from the works, the list will help you get back in line.

Don’t start with email checking

Wandering through the long list of unread emails created during the holidays will only oppress you and make you crave even more next weekend.

Don't start with email checking

I think the biggest mistake someone can make in the morning after a long weekend is to sit at the computer and answer emails. It doesn’t set a good pace for the rest of the week.

You have rested and recovered – use this new energy to take on a more serious task, perhaps one you will not want to take on another day of the week. For example, calling customers, training a new colleague, etc.

Postpone the holiday talks

Undoubtedly, in the first minutes of the working day, there may be a desire to talk to colleagues about what happened over the long weekend, but we recommend postponing these talks to noon.

Why? Remembering the beautiful moments of rest will only make it difficult to return to work.

In order not to completely ruin your productivity, do the most important thing in the morning act and, if you really want, during the lunch break, discuss with your colleagues what we have done on the holidays.

Start with creativity

Science has shown that pleasant weather makes employees lazy.

Start with creativity

Return to work, engaging in a creative project. Collaborative projects that need to stimulate your imagination are more successful when the mind is conscious and at rest, as is likely to be the case after a longer holiday.

Therefore, if possible, return to work begins with the generation of new ideas.

Change your attitude

We know how it is one day to rip the yard in the sun, but the next to work a smoky head. But try not to give up on returning to work.

We often think of work and the rest of our lives as opposing forces that make it difficult to return to work after the holidays.

Therefore, even if it requires some mental exercise, try to change your attitude. This will give you a better understanding of your priorities.

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